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Admin and Customer Messages After Order for WooCommerce: OrderConvo

Admin and Customer Messages After Order for WooCommerce: OrderConvo


OrderConvo is a lightweight plugin that allows vendors and customers to send messages after an order is placed. Admin/vendors and customers can send messages or even files to each other once the order is placed. Customers can access the OrderConvo message box from the My Account -> Orders page where each order will have there own message area. An Ajax-based, nice, and responsive message box is appended to the orders detail page to fit with every theme layout.

How it works?

Note: Click on the Initialize Demo button when the Demo is ready

Free Version Features

  • Customers and vendors can send messages against each order
  • Unlimited message per order
  • Change button label
  • Change message placeholder label

OrderConvo Supports Single Store and Marketplace

  • Support Single WooCommerce Store

Marketplacs Supported

  • Dokan Marketplace
  • WC Product Vendors Marketplace
  • MultiVendorX Marketplace
  • Yith MultiVendor Marketplace
  • WCFM Marketplace

PRO Features

  • File Attachments
  • Filetype, size control
  • Images Attachments
  • Email Notification
  • Change email template via WC Email Template Manager
  • New Message Alert on Orders Page
  • Images Thumbs
  • Rich Editor
  • Dedicated Support Forum
  • New Message Notifications on WordPress Dashboard

Learn More About PRO

Why use OrderConvo for effective Vendor-seller communication

N-Media is in the WordPress/WooCommerce development for the last 12+ years and we got many feature requests. So OrderConvo is one of the most demanded requests. For example, when an order is placed, the customer and vendor should communicate or share
files only related to that order and customers can get the perfect product. Following are the
reasons why OrderConvo must be installed for your store:

OrderConvo for Customer

  • Customer may want to change delivery address/date after order placed.
  • Customer may want to change the order quantity after the order is placed.
  • Customer may not be happy with the product/service and wants a revision or replacement rather than give you negative feedback.

OrderConvo for WooCommerce Vendors

  • Vendors can send updates about order
  • Vendors can send prototypes or samples (digital goods) rather than finally ship and get feedback

OrderConvo for WooCommerce Add-ons

If you feel that OrderConvo Free or PRO versions are not enough for your needs, please see our OrderConvo Add-ons and coming more
* OrderConvo for WooCommerce Addon AWS S3 Upload all attachments into AWS S3, just add your S3 credentials and that’s all. Faster upload for all types of files especially big files.
* OrderConvo Addon Quick Message Admin can create message templates and reply with a single click with a pre-saved message. Work smarter and faster with QuickMessage Addon. Unlimited message templates.
* OrderConvo Addon Revisions Admin and Customer Messages After Order for WooCommerce Revision Addon allows a client to request revisions for the order. For example, a printing company may want its clients to request a revision for a design being sent by the vendor until the client approves it.
* OrderConvo Addon Live Chat Admin and Customer Messages After Order for WooCommerce Live Chat Add-on enables fast communication between vendors and customers. It’s an ajax based chat solution to send and receive chat instantly. Chat is disabled by default but the admin can turn it on against single sessions to save server resources.
* OrderConvo Add-on Marketplaces All Major Marketplaces Like Dokan, MultiVendorX, WFCM, Yith, WC Vendor Marketplaces supported

About N-Media

N-Media providing WordPress and WooCommerce services all over the world since 2008. We are a team of WordPress developers with in-depth knowledge and standards described by WordPress. All we build is based on the problems and needs of our customers with our unique ideas, we introduced many solutions to make our client’s life easier.

Our best plugins are


  • My Account Messages Button
  • Frontend Messages UI
  • Admin Messages UI
  • Admin Settings
  • Admin and Customer Messages After Order for WooCommerce in WooCommerce Orders Columns


  1. Upload plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. After activation, you can set options from WooCommerce -> Admin and customer message after order foe woocommerce menu


How a customer can send a message to the admin/vendor?

Once the order is placed, the customer sees a button against each order under My Account -> Orders

Where admin will see messages?

Admin can see messages in each order edit page.

Can user or admin files/images with messages?

Yes, but it’s a PRO feature

What difference between Vendor and Admin?

These both are the same roles, for the single store it is an admin for the marketplace it is a vendor term.

Email sent to another party when the new message is sent?

Yes, if enabled by settings

The customer message can be added to the email notification?

Yes, using WC Email Template Manager you can variables in the message body.


Август 17, 2023-ж. 1 reply
I have been looking for this type of software for a long time. Although there are still some minor problems that have not been resolved, the overall operating experience is not bad.
Январь 17, 2023-ж.
If I could give 6 stars I would. Great plugin and great guy!  Najeebs orderConvo plugin is excellent and his positive can-do attitude make him a pleasure to work with.  If you’re wanting a plugin where seller and buyer can chat post-sale/after payments been taken, then orderConvo is perfect!    There was no integration with WC Vendors when I stumbled on this plugin but it sounded so perfect I made contact with the developer.  Najeeb was not only receptive to extending his plugin to WC Vendors, he did it at lightning speed and was amazingly accommodating with my requests for extra features.  I asked him if it was possible to make messages between buyer and seller disappear a few weeks after order completion.  My goal is to make my marketplace as hands off as possible but without making it too easy for the buyer and seller to cut the marketplace out of future sales… this and other requests have been met with gusto and can-do enthusiasm… he makes you feel like nothing is too much trouble.  Had I not had such a great response from Najeeb,  only other option was talkJS but at $240-$270 PER MONTH for their lowest price plan ..I can’t afford that. In contrast, orderConvo is accessible to all and offers that crucial component for any marketplace to build a truly passive income.
Ноябрь 16, 2022-ж.
Great plugin. With this plugin I am able to offer support for each order for my clients. Support is top!
Октябрь 17, 2021-ж.
Hi! How can the store manager find out which customer to answer first? For example, 10 clients wrote one after the other. And if there are three managers working in the system with orders, how will they distribute these tickets? Is there a common message display list (message queue, like ticket systems) to understand who to answer? If this happens in orders and you need to sort them, then how should managers control new orders and those in which people have written messages. Everything moves among the created orders.`
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Contributors & Developers

“Admin and Customer Messages After Order for WooCommerce: OrderConvo” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



= 13.0 May 22, 2024
* Bug fixed: Quick Reply messages were not correctly linked with settings.
= 12.9 May 2, 2024
* Bug fixed: Typo issue fixed in httpsService for respons to response
= 12.8 March 27, 2024
* Bug fixed: Settings were not saving due to permissions updated, now fixed.
= 12.7 March 27, 2024
* Bug fixed: OrderConvo Frontend rendering issue fixed
= 12.6 March 27, 2024
* Bug fixed: File upload/download issue fixed
* Bug fixed: Message inside My Account -> Orders will only show when user logged in issue fixed
* Bug fixed: Message inside My Account -> Orders will only show when user logged in issue fixed
= 12.5 March 11, 2024
* Bug fixed: Nonce verification added for security reasons
* Feature: All Conversations now loading inside admin panel
= 12.4 March 10, 2024
* Bug fixed: On completed order conversation stop settings now working
= 12.3 February 27, 2024
* Feature: Mark unread when message is opened
* Feature: Mobile Responsive
* Bug fixed: Translations ready
= 12.2 February 8, 2024
* Bug fixed: Compatible with WC Vendors Marketplace plugin.
= 12.1 January 28, 2024
* Bug fixed: Email notification issue fixed when message sent by customer from myaccount > order
= 12.0 January 17, 2024
* Feature: Attachments and text will be clear after message post.
* Major Updated: OrderConvo is now compatible with WooCommerce HPOS for optimized solution
= 11.3 January 16, 2024
* Bug fixed: WC has updated orders post type from shop_order to settings page, so now OrderConvo will work for both
= 11.2 December 1, 2023
* Feature: Now compatibility added with WC Product Vendors inside Marketplace Addons
* Feature: Vendors/Admins/Users now cat messages read and unread
* Bug fixed: Security related issue fixed
= 11.1 November 26, 2023
* Bug fixed: A security related bug fixed
= 11.0 November 22, 2023
* Bug fixed: Date format issue fixed
* Feature: Sequential Order Number plugin compatibility added
* Feature: WCFM Marketplace Addon compatibility added.
= 10.0 September 18, 2023
* Bug fixed: Date difference issue fixed.
* Bug fixed: File preview was not clear after upload, fixed now
* Bug fixed: Different avartar/letters show on myaccount and single orders for same user issue fixed
* Bug fixed: Date format issue fixed on messages list
= 9.2 July 14, 2023
* Bug fixed: missing scripts added.
= 9.1 July 14, 2023
* Feature: OrerConvo was not showing for existing orders after installed, now it will show all orders.
= 9.0 July 11, 2023
* Feature: Render OrderConvo inside each orders in admin side and on frontend.
= 8.7 April 26, 2023
* Feature: Shop Manager role now can access to OrderConvo menu
= 8.6 April 1, 2023
* Feature: Now messages window will also be showing inside each orders for frontend
* Bug fixed: Nulled messages sent on enter issues fixed
* Bug fixed: Order notices were not showing
= 8.5 March 30, 2023
* Bug fixed: Warning removed due to last version
= 8.4 March 29, 2023
* Tweak: Year updated to full from 23 to 2023.
* Tweak: Extra/development code removed
= 8.3 March 27, 2023
* Bug fixed: Null message were sent on enter
* Feature: Multiline text as answer (option available)
* Feature: Single Orders now can access OrderConvo
* Feature: Order notices not showing up in conversations if order status is changed.
* Feature: Communication now disabled for ‘Cancelled’ order status as well.
= 8.2 March 8, 2023
* Bug fixed: When user first_name is null the plugin broken, it is fixed now
= 8.1 March 2, 2023
* Bug fixed: Settings were not saving when single quote is used inside any text
= 8.0 February 27, 2023
* Feature: New UI with ReactJS and Material UI
* Feature: Easy and fast access to the messages
* Feature: Email Templates for Vendor and Customers
* Feature: Render via Shortcode
= 7.19 September 28, 2022
* Bug fixed: Some outdated code and libraries are updated.
* Tweak: Due to some branding issues name changed from WooConvo to OrderConvo
= 7.18 September 28, 2022
* Bug fixed: File type spaces issue fixed
= 7.17 September 1, 2022
* New Feature: New messages now can be easily access via WP Dashboard
= 7.16 April 29, 2022
* Feature: Filter ‘Admin and Customer Messages After Order for WooCommerce_render_message_text_input’ added
* Revision addon issue fixed
= 7.15 April 29, 2022
* Feature: WC Booking support added
= 7.14 April 29, 2022
* Bug fixed: Dokan Vendor Email and Names issue fixed
= 7.13 April 12, 2022
* Bug fixed: CSS conflict removed due to Live Chat Toggle button
= 7.12 March 22, 2022
* Feature: Filter added for message text: apply_filters(‘wooconvo_message_text’, $message, $order_id, $current_user);
* Feature: Avada theme overrides some hooks and the frontend view not rendering. Now it is supported by the Avada theme.
= 7.11 February 23, 2022
* Feature: The file Upload script is nice and cleaner in the upload.js file
= 7.10 February 9, 2022
* Bug fixed: Revision addons were not working, it is fixed now.
= 7.9 February 7, 2022
* Feature: Scroll down to latest messages
* Bug fixed: File attachment issue fixed
= 7.8 January 26, 2022
* Bug fixed: Email notification issue fixed
= 7.7 January 4, 2022
* Bug fixed: Chat option was not showing to clients, now it is fixed
= 7.6 January 4, 2022
* Feature: Send file links in email is added back
= 7.5 August 12, 2021
* Bug fixed: First WooConvo thread/message was not showing now it is fixed
= 7.4 August 12, 2021
* Feature: Now connected with two new Addons QuickMessage and AWS S3[https://najeebmedia.com/wordpress-plugin/wooconvo-woocommerce/]
= 7.3 August 12, 2021
* Feature: Email notification integration with WC Email system with template vars improved.
= 7.2 August 6, 2021
* Bug fixed: Email template vars were not linked
= 7.1 July 5, 2021
* Feature: Email notification sent via WC Email Template system
* Feature: New Addon: WooConvo Yith multi-vendor released
= 7.0 May 8, 2021
* Bug fixed: First messages not showing without refresh
* Bug fixed: Multiple recipients issue fixed

6.9 Sep 2, 2020

  • Feature: Open image files in a new tab instead download.

6.8 Aug 12, 2020

6.7 July 14, 2020

  • Feature: Show message box after checkout on the thanks page

6.6 June 25, 2020

  • Feature: Chat Reverse Order
  • Bug Fixed: Revision Addon Bugs Fixed
  • Bug Fixed: blank message send in an email

6.5 June 2, 2020

6.4 May 17, 2020

6.3 May 05, 2020

  • Bug Fixed: get_wcmp_suborders undefine.

6.2 April 30, 2020

  • Feature: Once the files are sent then automatically files are removed from the select area. no longer attach to other msg.
  • Feature: Setting user can send the image or file links in the email.
  • Feature: Only files can be sent in chatbox without text.
  • Feature: Chatbox hides on parent order.
  • Feature: Change the file’s design.
  • Feature: Compatible with WCMP plugin.

6.1 Jan 27, 2020

6.0 Dec 17, 2019

  • Bug fixed: Settings page responsive on mobile
  • Bug fixed: Messages area render on the user order page

5.9 Dec 16, 2019

  • Bug fixed: Screen options disabled issue fixed

5.8 Dec 7, 2019

5.7 Sep 9, 2019

  • Feature: WCMp latest version compatibility added
  • Bug fixed: WC email template integration
  • Bug fixed: Email notification vendor to admin.

5.6 Aug 27, 2019

  • Feature: Notification email connected with WC Emails Settings.

5.5 May 20, 2019

5.4 March 2, 2019

  • Bug fixed: Attachments download issue fixed

5.3 December 15, 2018

  • Bug fixed: Vendor Display Name fixed in the message when used with WCMP
  • Bug fixed: Extra spaces removed from the end of all files.

5.2 December 10, 2018

  • Bug fixed: CSS issue fixed for the large message being hidden under Send button
  • Tweak: WooCommerce 3.5 and WordPress 5.0 Check

5.1 November 15, 2018

  • Bug fixed: Order URL wrong for when used with WCMp (WooCommerce Marketplace) plugin

5.0 October 16, 2018

  • Features: Language translation support added

4.3 October 10, 2018

  • Bug fixed: Order URL issue fixed with WCMP

4.2 September 26, 2018

  • Bug fixed: Safar/iPohne issue fixed for file uploader
  • Bug fixed: Avatar was not working, it’s fixed
  • Features: Plupload loaded from WP Core
  • Features: Code optimized for fast response, extra code removed
  • Features: Control location for conversation box on the order page (after/before order details)
  • Features: UI Block added while uploading the file

4.1 September 11, 2018

  • Features: Column added in WooCommerce Orders list to quickly access conversation [screenshot-5.jpg]

4.0 September 6, 2018

1.1 May 15, 2017

  • Bug fixed: Plupload script removed
  • Bug fixed: some function renamed
  • Bug fixed: Sanitized all input field
  • Bug fixed: use current_user_can() function for ajax requests
  • Bug fixed: Removed unnecessary functions
  • Bug fixed: EasyTabs replaced with WordPress core jquery-ui script

1.0 March 20, 2017

  • Initial Release