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The VIVAHR WordPress plugin enables current customers to create a career page effortlessly by downloading the plugin and entering their VIVAHR API key. For non-VIVAHR customers, this versatile plugin allows creating a career page, posting job openings, and receiving applications, streamlining the hiring process for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

Easy integration: Seamlessly connect your WordPress website to VIVAHR with a simple API key setup.
Customizable career page: Design and tailor your career page to match your brand identity and style.
Job posting management: Effortlessly create, edit, and manage job listings directly from your WordPress dashboard.
Application tracking: Receive and manage job applications, keeping your recruitment process organized and efficient.
Responsive design: The plugin ensures your career page and job listings are mobile-friendly and display correctly on all devices.
Search engine optimization: Improve job listings’ visibility on search engines with built-in SEO features.
Social media sharing: Easily share job openings on popular social media platforms to expand your reach and attract more candidates.
Customizable application forms: Design applications that capture essential information from candidates and match your hiring needs.
Compatibility: The plugin works seamlessly with popular WordPress themes and page builders for a smooth user experience.


Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’
Search for ‘Careers Page by VIVAHR’
Activate the CareersPage by VIVAHR from your Plugins page
Go to ‘after activation’ below


Why is my job still processing?

I posted a job and the status says processing.
When you post a job through VIVAHR, the status of the job will say Processing.

This means that the job is currently under review by our quality assurance team. Our team approves each job posting by hand making sure the post meets all of our guidelines and is optimized for the job boards. If any updates need to be made to the job posting before it goes live, someone from our team will reach out to you.

Note: If a job is posted outside of business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET) the job will not be approved by our team until the following day. If it is posted over the weekend, it will be approved on the next business day.

Once the job is approved, the status will change to Active.

This means that the job has been added to our XML feeds and is currently being sent out to the job boards. When your job becomes live on each job board depends on when that job board next pulls our XML feed. Every job board pulls our XML feed at a different time of the day. Typically, you will see your jobs live on all of the job boards within 48-72 hours of publishing the job.

What are locations?

A location is the hiring location that your job will be posted in and the location that candidates will be working out of once they’re hired for the role.

If your company has multiple locations in different cities or states, you have the ability to post jobs in each location that you’re hiring for.

Every VIVAHR plan includes a certain amount of hiring locations.

Starter Plan: 1 hiring location

Grow Plan: 5 hiring locations

Pro Plan: 5 hiring locations

The price of the Grow and Pro plans can both be adjusted to include up to 10 hiring locations. You can learn about all of our plan options and sign up for a 7 day free trial through our pricing page.

Will I lose my candidates if I don’t transfer them to my new job?

When you refresh a job posting, the original post will be paused. If you choose not to transfer your candidates, all of the old candidates can be found in the paused job posting.

You will not lose these candidates if you choose to not transfer them over to the new job.

If you do not see the paused job posting after you’ve refreshed your job, unselect the box at the top of the Jobs page that says Hide Inactive.

You should then be able to access the paused job posting and all candidates associated with the post.

How much does VIVAHR cost?

VIVAHR’s pricing is based on the number of positions and locations you need to hire for.

Each plan comes with a 7-day free trial to allow you to try out the platform and see if it fits your business well.

Three different pricing plans are available: Starter, Grow, and Pro.

Starter Plan
The Starter plan is the most basic and costs $89 monthly. It includes one location and allows for one job posting per month. You’ll have one user and unlimited candidates, positions, and job boards. You’ll also have access to candidate automation and a customizable pipeline.

Grow Plan
The Grow plan is a mid-tier plan and costs $179 per month. It includes up to five locations and allows for unlimited job postings. You’ll have unlimited users and candidates, access to 50+ job boards, candidate automation, and a customizable pipeline. You’ll also have unlimited culture profiles to help you identify the best-fit candidates.

Pro Plan
The Pro plan is the most advanced and costs $279 monthly. It includes all of the features of the Grow plan, plus eSignatures, custom roles and permissions, text messaging, and dedicated customer service. It’s designed for businesses with more complex hiring needs requiring additional customization and support.

The Grow and Pro plans can also be adjusted depending on the number of locations you need to hire for. You can post jobs in up to 10 locations through both of these plans.

VIVAHR’s pricing is straightforward and based on the number of locations you’re hiring for, making it easy to understand and budget for. Plus, with the 7-day free trial, you can try out the platform without risk or commitment.

You can learn more about our subscription plans and sign up for a free trial on our pricing page.

VIVAHR is not accepting my email address

We require all new accounts to use a valid work email address to sign up for VIVAHR. This helps us verify that your account is a real business and helps us prevent fraudulent activity.

A valid work email address is one that uses your business domain. If you are trying to use a or email address, it will not be accepted.

My job posting disappeared

If you can’t find one of your job postings in VIVAHR, it is most likely with your Inactive job postings.

Your inactive job postings include any jobs with the following statuses:

To access your inactive job postings, go to the Jobs page.

Unselect the box at the top of the page that says Hide Inactive.

You should see all of your inactive job postings once you’ve unselected that box. You can access all job details and candidates attached to those job postings as well.

How do I pause or close my job posting?

If you need to pause or close one of your job postings, go to the Jobs page.

Find the job posting you no longer want active and select the three dots to the right of the job. Select either Close or Pause Job.

Pausing a job posting: When you pause a job posting, you temporarily stop its visibility to potential applicants. This means that the job will not be displayed on your career page or on job boards during the pause period. However, you retain the option to resume the job posting at any time, making it visible again to applicants. This is useful when you want to halt the influx of new applications for a specific period, perhaps due to an overwhelming response or the need to focus on other tasks.

Closing a job posting: When you close a job posting, you essentially mark it as “filled” or “no longer available.” This action permanently stops the visibility of the job posting to potential applicants. Closing a job posting typically signifies that the hiring process for that position is complete, and you have either filled the position or decided not to hire for it. Once a job posting is closed, you cannot make it visible to applicants again, and you will need to create a new job posting if you want to reopen the position in the future.

Once you close or pause a job posting, the status of the job will no longer be active. If you need to view any of your inactive positions, unselect the box that says Hide Inactive.

What job boards is my job posted on?

Once your job posting is approved, VIVAHR posts your job to the following job boards. If you have a job board you’d like to send your jobs, you can create a ticket in your account for our partner’s team to help establish that relationship for you. Each account is given a unique XML feed as well. You can export your unique XML feed of jobs to any free or premium job posting site at any time.

We continue to update our job board partners, and on average, our clients see their job openings posted to around 50 job boards. Several factors contribute to where future applicants see your job posting, like city, state, industry, job type, salary type, skill level, and job functions, which is why we provide a list of our main job partners.
Google Jobs
The Ladders
Our partners post your ad to a distributed job board network beyond the number listed in this article.

To locate your account XML feed.

Click on Settings
Click on Integrations under Company Settings
You’ll find the XML Feed link to display the exact information from each of your job postings. If you’d like to connect with specialty job boards, you can provide the job board with this XML Feed link.

Go to Integrations under Company Settings

How many locations and users come with my current package?

In the Starter plan, you have 1 geographical location with 1 active job posting and 1 user.
In the Grow plan, you can have 5 geographical locations with unlimited job ads and unlimited users.
In the Pro plan, you can have 5 geographical locations with unlimited job ads, unlimited users, and the following premium add-on features:
Custom User Roles
SMS messaging

Do you have job descriptions to help me get started?

VIVAHR understands that well-written job descriptions attract the best candidates. We have created over 200 job description templates optimized for SEO and job board approval. If you can’t find the one you are looking for, feel free to reach out to our support team, and we can help.

Click Here to Access our Job Description Library

You can also access these templates directly within the job description section when creating your job posting. Simply click on “Free Templates” from the dropdown to view our entire library and select a template.

Click here to view an in depth walkthrough on how to use our job description templates

What is VIVA Select?

VIVA Select uses advanced AI technology to optimize your job posting for dozens of job sites and search engines. With just one click, our program will advertise your job posting on the most popular job sites for your job posting and match it with candidates who best fit your desired skills and qualifications. To do this, VIVA Select uses machine-based learning for advertising in the locations where your candidates are most likely to be searching. Having a consistent presence across several channels will increase your visibility and attract top candidates for your company.

Why am I not receiving any candidates?

As soon as your job is approved, it will be distributed to our network of job boards. If you have not received any candidates, or the volume of candidates is unusually low, there could be an issue with the job.

These are the most common issues we see:
Your job is less than 24 hours old. Once a job is approved it can take up to 24 hours before the first candidate applies. The job boards in our network all post the new approved jobs at different times so this can be slow at first.
You are posting identical jobs through other platforms or on job boards directly. VIVAHR already sends your jobs to over 50+ job boards so you do not need to double post these jobs yourself on any of the major job boards. If the job board requires a fee to post then it is usually fine for you to post your job there without causing duplicate issues.
For example, Indeed may not accept a job post from VIVAHR if your company has previously posted on Indeed directly without using VIVAHR. You need to contact their team and ask them to make VIVAHR your primary posting source on their platform. By doing that, you will ensure that your posts will not be marked as duplicates and lose visibility. You can learn more about submitting a request through our Indeed One Source Policy.
The location of your job is not accurate. The wrong location is a common issue, especially with people using the neighborhood/area name instead of the official city or suburb. Phoenix vs Valley of the Sun for example.
Multiple job titles. Restrict your job posts to one post per job title. If you are hiring staff your Pest Control company post one job for every job type. So you would have one job for a Pest Service Technician, one for a Termite Technician, and one for a Sales Rep, etc. A single job post with the title of “Pest Service Technician/Termite Technician/Sales Rep” will often be ignored by job boards.
Job post description needs work. A great job post will attract great candidates but it is not easy to find the time to write an amazing job post. You can steal some tips from this article.
Salary below market. If you do decide to add a salary range to your job post it will be prominently displayed. If your salary range is significantly below market very few candidates will apply.
Salary not included in your job post. In competitive markets not showing the salary range can drastically reduce the number of candidates you receive. If you offer a fair or above market salary it is a great idea to add this to your job post.
External links. Job boards may block job ads if an external link like a website or an email address is on your job posting. The majority of candidates prefer to use the one-click apply functionality on the job board and these candidates will appear inside your VIVAHR dashboard.
Our team does check for all these issues when your jobs go out but if you think your role suffers from one of these let us know so we can investigate or you can go ahead and edit the job yourself.

How do I know when my job is live on job boards?

Once you post your job, you’ll receive a confirmation email from our Support team within 24 hours stating if your job complies with job board regulations and is being sent to our job board partners. Any jobs posted after 5pm EST on Friday will be approved on the following Monday.

12-36 hours after receiving the approval email, your job posting should be live on our job board partners.

If after a few days or so you notice that you do not receive candidates from a particular source, please contact Support for assistance.

How do I sign up for the free trial?

How do I sign up for the free trial?
Go to our free trial sign-up page and create an account using your business email address.

Is the free trial a good option for my hiring needs?
The VIVAHR free trial works best if you’re planning to post a job and find candidates.
If you don’t think you’ll publish a job during the 7-day period, if you already post jobs through another system, or if you want to see more of what VIVAHR can do, we recommend setting up a demo.

What should I do to get the most out of my trial?
Post a job
Review resumes and interacts with candidates
Move candidates through your pipeline and set up phone screens
Investigate account settings to customize and configure the way that you hire
Can I try out all the features VIVAHR has to offer?
During the free trial, you have access to all the features of the plan you signed up for.

What happens when the trial ends?
When your trial is over, the credit card you added will be charged for the price of the plan you have chosen. If you decide not to continue your plan, you will need to cancel your account before your trial has ended.

What is VIVAHR?

VIVAHR is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that helps small businesses find and hire the best talent. With VIVAHR, our customers can post jobs to 50+ job boards with one click, manage candidates from start to finish, collaborate with team members in real time, and much more. Whether companies are looking for their next rock star or need help building their dream team, VIVAHR has the tools they need at a price point that won’t break the bank.


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