Photos and Files Contest Gallery – Contact Form, Upload Form, Social Share and Voting Plugin for WordPress


Contact form, files, photos and videos upload contest gallery plugin for WordPress.
Create galleries (material, modern, responsive) and allow to vote and comment files or entries without file.
Create contact forms with or without file upload.
Add additional files to every entry.
Create user registration frontend forms.
Add login form.
Add “Google Sign-In button” to login via Google account.

Social Share Buttons

  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Skype, Pinterest, Reddit, XING, LinkedIn, Email, SMS, Gmail, Yahoo, Evernote, VK, OK, Douban, RenRen, Qzone, Weibu
  • Real Custom Post Type Pages behind every entry… so real social share URLs
  • Social share buttons example

Plugin limitations

  • Since 2019: No uploads limitation anymore
  • (No 100 uploads limitation anymore)
  • Some options available in PRO version only
  • To have all options available please purchase PRO version

Frontend video examples (previous versions style)

Contact form and gallery examples

Amazing contest for your WordPress page

Normal and registered user galleries

  • Display entries of all users
  • User see only own entries which were uploaded by the user after registration and login

Three voting types

  • IP recognition
  • Cookie recognition
  • Login session based (create account via registration form or Google sign in button and login)

Drag & Drop upload form creator

  • Add field types and arrange them
  • Add e-mail field and allow to send confirmation e-mail
  • Available field types: (Files Type, Input, Textarea, Select, Select Categories, Email, URL, Check agreement, HTML, Simple Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA)
  • Configure subscription e-mail

Drag & Drop user account registration form creator

  • Add field types and arrange them
  • Available field types: (WP-Last-Name, WP-First-Name, WP-Username, WP-Nickname, WP-Email, WP-Password, WP-Password-Confirm, Input, Textarea, Select, Check agreement, Profile Image, HTML, Simple Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA)
  • Allows membership as “Contest Gallery User” WordPress role

Create login area

  • Add login area to your website
  • Allow voting only for registered users

Three e-mail types

  • Admin information e-mail when new file is uploaded
  • Activation e-mail to user when his file is activated
  • Registration confirmation e-mail when user create a new account

Available options

Contact form options

  • Automatically activate user entries after successful frontend contact
  • Allow only registered users to upload files or to contact you
  • Restrict front end upload size
  • Maximum upload size in MB
  • Activate bulk upload in front end
  • Maximum number of files for bulk upload
  • Minimum number of files for bulk upload
  • Restrict resolution uploaded images
  • Activate in gallery contact form
  • Forward to another page after contact
  • Confirmation text after contact
  • Inform admin e-mail after contact in frontend
  • Inform entry activation e-mail
  • Inform successful entry e-mail

Registration options

  • Confirmation text after registration
  • Confirmation text after e-mail confirmation
  • Confirmation mail options (Addressor, Reply mail, Subject, Mail content)

Login options

  • Forward to another page after login
  • Forward to URL
  • Confirmation text on same site after login
  • Confirmation Text after login

Vote options

  • Allow vote via 1 star
  • Allow vote via 1-10 stars
  • Inform registered user when there was a vote for his entry
  • Show custom message after voting
  • Allow vote out of gallery
  • Hide voting until user voted
  • Configure votes amount per user
  • Show only user votes (user see only his votes not the whole rating)
  • Votes in time interval per user
  • Delete votes (frontend users can delete their votes and to another entry)

Commenting options

  • Allow comments
  • Allow comment out of gallery
  • Inform registered user when there was a comment for his entry
  • Review written comments
  • Remove written comments

Contest end options

  • End contest immediately
  • Activate contest end time

Gallery view options

  • Show images EXIF data
  • Add categories widget when categories field in upload form is added
  • Allow full window gallery
  • Number of files per screen (pagination)
  • Allow search for files (search by fields content, categories or file name)
  • Allow sort
  • Random sort
  • Random sort button
  • Switch between total different gallery views without site reloading
  • Three different views
  • Real justified Flickr look, customize height
  • Thumb look, define size and margin between thumbs
  • Blog look
  • Slider look

Single entry view options

  • View entries in blog view full window
  • View entries in a slider view full window
  • Link to original file source
  • Only gallery view

Backend language

  • Англис тили

Frontend languages

  • Англис тили
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Norwegian (not complete)
  • Swedish (not complete)
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Slovakian
  • Own translations can be added in backend


  • Gallery view
  • Gallery view - dark style
  • Opened single entry view
  • Single entry view - dark style
  • Upload form example
  • Upload form - dark style
  • Upload confirmation
  • File entries gallery backend view
  • Options example
  • Upload form configuration example


  1. Install as usual way via your WordPress installer, uploading/installing/activating.
  2. Contest Gallery menu point appears on the left site.
  3. Create a new gallery.
  4. Add files or edit contact form for uploading contest entries.
  5. Insert the shortcode [cg_gallery id="1"] in a page. This shortcode shows the gallery in frontend.
  6. Insert the shortcode [cg_users_contact id="1"] in a page. This shortcode shows the contact form in frontend.

Documentation to configure different options: Click here..


Can I approve files before their appear in gallery?


I would like to be informed when a file is uploaded.

That’s possible! You can activate to be informed after every frontend upload
and add an email where you like to be informed.

Is it possible to inform a user automatically when his image is activated for contest?

Yes. If the user added his e-mail during uploading his file he will be informed when the file
is activated. He can also receive a link in his mail which leads directly to his file.
Use option “Edit options” >>> “File activation e-mail” >>> “Send this activation e-mail when activating users files”.

Can I configure e-mail Body text which user receives?

Yes. You can configure Addressor, Reply mail, Cc mail, Bcc mail, Subject and Body text.
You can also insert a link in the mail Body text which will lead directly to his image.

Am I able to use WordPress Media Library for adding files to gallery?

Yes. You can use WordPress Media Library for uploading files and adding them to gallery.
In frontend uploaded files appears also in WordPress repository and in gallery.

Can I upload more then one file?

Yes. As default you can upload as many files as you want in backend.
Default in frontend is one file per upload. But you can configure
an amount you like. So you are also able to upload multiple files during one upload in frontend.

Can I add information to files?

Yes. You decide via “Edit upload form” which information can be added for every file.
It’s also possible to configure which information should appear frontend.

How many gallery contests can i run?

As many you like 🙂

How many files can I add to gallery?

As many you like 🙂

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


Февраль 6, 2024-ж. 1 reply
We are experiencing problems with the plugin on our website. We have paid for the pro version which is supposed to entitle you to technical support.Well, since it is giving us problems with both browsers, Wasiliy Strecker, one of its developers, tells us that the problem is a code error by the Google and Microsoft developers.Yes, the solution that Wasily gives us to the problem is that we change browsers because he has no problems with his code. The problem with the code is with Google and Microsoft.I'm really still trying to assimilate this person's response.Remember friends, if you experience problems with the plugin, the problem is with the Chrome and Edge developers who don't know what they are doing.
Январь 13, 2024-ж.
This plugin works great. And the customer support is excellent. This photo contest plugin is more versatile than others for enabling you to run the contest how you want -- whether photo submitters get to see all the others? who gets to vote ? what photos are visible to the public?
Сентябрь 24, 2023-ж. 1 reply
Thank you so much to the developer for your quick and continuous efforts to enhance the functionality of the plugin. The best plugin with all the features required for a photo contest or photo exhibition. My client's requirement was very well taken care of by the plugin and the suggestions for improvements were made available within 48 hours. Thank you once again.
Май 21, 2023-ж.
I used this many years ago for a small Photo club. Now I am using it for a 100+ club and it is just great. Support is quick, sometimes like prayer, the answer is no but it doesn't usually matter. Couldn't recommend this more
Март 5, 2023-ж.
Using this plugin now for more than 2 years. It really is the best for photography contests, as it won't crop portret photos in the frontend. And the service/help is second to none!
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  • FIXED: Security issues – found by team.


  • FIXED: Outdated version of Chrome or certain configuration in Edge browser can cause STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error when redirecting to another page after upload.


  • FIXED: Select user role group for registered users over Contest Gallery registration form not changeable.


  • FIXED: Security issue – found by team.


  • FIXED: Theme CSS of pre tags in Contest Gallery container.
  • FIXED: By some themes rendered and visible empty pre tags, in contest gallery parent container.


  • FIXED: Gallery appears with not required borders in some cases.
  • FIXED: Security issue – possible Cross Site Scripting (XSS) – found by team.


  • FIXED: Nested frontend output in pre tags in case WordPress wpautop function is used, so output is correctly visible.


  • FIXED: Backend “Edit options” not changeable in some cases.


  • FIXED: Security issue – possible Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) – found by team.


  • FIXED: Clicking on menu points in “Edit options” scroll menu might cause page reload because of third party plugins which use data-href attribute as href attribute.


  • NEW: “Export all fields and total rating” EXIF data will be exported.
  • FIXED: Saving options added empty lines to some content fields.


  • FIXED: Security issue – possible XSS Injection.


  • FIXED: Frontend gallery titles and subtitles were not actualized in all cases.


  • NEW: Thumb view images not cropped anymore.


  • NEW: Notification visible for deleted images from media library or other third party plugin in backend images area.
  • FIXED: Copying a gallery did not copied all values in all cases.
  • FIXED: Editing info in user gallery did not show background drop when loading.
  • FIXED: Editing info in user gallery did not save category changes. After frontend reload still previous category was visible.


  • NEW: “Minimum resolution for uploading of JPG, IMG and GIF” options.
  • FIXED: “Cookie voting just activated” appeared every time at the beginning of voting if “Check by cookie” for voting as recognition method is activated.


  • NEW: Show categories unfolded.
  • FIXED: Upload entry confirmation not visible in all cases.


  • FIXED: Comment and voting icons overlay in single entry view on mobiles if no additional is added to an entry.


  • FIXED: Changes of width and height of thumbs in “Gallery view” >>> “Thumb view” options does not appear in frontend.


  • FIXED: “Add files” was not working in backend if “Assign fields” was not clicked before.
  • FIXED: Selected wp post type field was not always displayed in the overview as selected during “Assign fields” when “Add files” in backend.


  • NEW: WordPress post fields like “Alternative text”, “Title”, “Caption” and “Description” can be assigned to Input and Textarea field types when adding files in backend.
  • NEW: Input and Textarea field types can be added to WordPress post field like “Alternative text”, “Title”, “Caption” and “Description” when uploading in frontend.
  • FIXED: Interval conf might not show all available months in some cases.


  • NEW: Frontend look modernized.
  • NEW: Backend look modernized.
  • NEW: Height view removed due to maintenance and look often equals thumb view.
  • NEW: Thumb view logic improved. No breaks on certain device widths anymore.
  • FIXED: Some CSS bugs frontend.
  • FIXED: Some handling bugs backend.
  • FIXED: Right categories count was not shown for user gallery.
  • FIXED: Backend gallery might not load, if has no entries, in some cases.
  • FIXED: Copying gallery with more then 100 entries was not working.
  • FIXED: “Export users data” was not working in “Users management”.
  • FIXED: Colors and border radius settings of registration and login form had wrong source. Maybe has to be reconfigured after this update.


  • FIXED: Login and registration form not visible after 21.1.3 update.


  • NEW: Voting button centered and size increased in single entry view.
  • FIXED: Slashes appeared if additional CSS for gallery and entry view page was added with quotes in “Edit options”.
  • FIXED: Mouseover icon info were shown vertical in full window mode in some cases.
  • FIXED: Delete (undo) multiple stars votes caused error.


  • NEW: Slight CSS improvements backend and frontend.
  • FIXED: Undefined variable message in backend show comments area.
  • FIXED: Registered username was not shown in all cases in backend show comments area.


  • FIXED: JPG images could not be uploaded in frontend in some cases.


  • FIXED: Right count of entries in categories widget is not displayed if multiple cg_gallery shortcode galleries with different ids are inserted on same page.
  • FIXED: Noindex, nofollow meta tag added to cg_gallery_user custom post type pages.


  • FIXED: Shortcode interval configuration did not work for some browsers.


  • FIXED: Possible XSS vulnerability found by team.


  • FIXED: Editing fields of user gallery using cg_gallery_user shortcode is not possible if select field is added to contact form.
  • FIXED: “Show as info in single entry view” option not available for date field.


  • NEW: “Allow to activate deactivate new frontend entry direct from admin email without being logged in” option.
  • NEW: file_get_contents will be done instead of include in case allow_url_include=0 is set in PHP settings, so no error will be produced in that case.
  • FIXED: Uploading ZIP did not work in all cases.
  • FIXED: “Remove and correct votes” if “Allow vote via multiple stars” was activated did not work.


  • FIXED: Copying gallery might cause undefined index error.
  • FIXED: Finished contests stay finished if gallery is copied as new “Shortcode interval configuration” settings are available since 21.1.0 to configure start and end time for any shortcode type.


  • NEW: Interval configuration for every shortcode. Configure how long every shortcode should be active in a certain interval, monthly, weekly, daily and set range for every interval type.


  • FIXED: Sorting rating by sum if multiple stars voting is activated did no work.


  • FIXED: Next and previous file in entry buttons not visible in frontend if additional files were added to entry.
  • FIXED: Jpeg files were not visible in frontend if were added as additional files to entry via frontend.
  • FIXED: Rotated images in backend not always rotated in frontend.


  • FIXED: Search in full window view did not work in all cases.
  • FIXED: Sorting by rating for one star voting did not work after 21.0.3 update.
  • FIXED: Social share icons were not visible in frontend after 21.0.3 update.


  • NEW: Frontend JS and CSS files minified and summarized in min files.
  • FIXED: Delete entries button when using cg_gallery_user shortcode might not always appear.


  • NEW: More social share buttons added: Email, SMS, Gmail, Yahoo, Evernote, OK, Douban, RenRen.
  • NEW: Clicking “Back to gallery button” from entry page scrolls to gallery after opening gallery page.
  • FIXED: Categories could not be set as sub or third title in gallery.
  • FIXED: Sort by WP username in backend did not work with a search value.
  • FIXED: Scrolling in blog view from bottom to top might cause incorrect loaded entries.


  • NEW: Adding emojis when uploading or as content in backend and displaying them in frontend possible.
  • NEW: Enable to subtitle or third title to display in gallery.
  • NEW: Adding multiple gallery shortcodes of same type with same id and different entry_id on single page is possible now.
  • FIXED: Files with special chars in name failed to upload in frontend.
  • FIXED: Clicking back from full window mode sometimes forwarded to entry landing page.
  • FIXED: Line breaks in textarea fields were not visible after saving.
  • FIXED: Didn’t scroll to gallery when closing full window if height or thumb view were activated.


  • NEW: Contest Gallery Custom Post Type Pages for new or copied galleries.
  • NEW: Every entry has own pages. With galleries as parent pages.
  • NEW: Social share buttons available for new or copied galleries.
  • NEW: Configure in contact form which input or textarea should be shared on social media.
  • NEW: Further options related new entry landing pages.
  • NEW: Improved frontend look for new or copied galleries. Entry title, rating and comments count placed under the thumbs.
  • NEW: Improved backend look.


  • NEW: Contact form. File upload in frontend is not mandatory anymore. Form can be used to add entries with and without file upload.
  • NEW: Entries without file upload are also manageable in backend and will be displayed in frontend.
  • NEW: cg_users_upload shortcode ist renamed in cg_users_contact shortcode, but can still be used like always.
  • NEW: Improved frontend gallery design.
  • NEW: Improved frontend handling when entries opened in full window.
  • NEW: Improved frontend handling on mobile devices.
  • NEW: Improved contact form design and creation handling in backend.
  • NEW: Improved registration form design and creation handling backend.
  • FIXED: Forwarding to another page after upload did not always work.
  • FIXED: Multiple issues relating gallery appearance and mobile devices in frontend.
  • FIXED: Changing added file did not work in backend.


  • FIXED: Closing opened file is not possible in frontend, if “Allow sort”, “Allow search” and “In gallery upload form” are deactivated.
  • FIXED: Closing opened file is not possible in frontend, if only one view is activated and all other possible “Gallery view” options are deactivated.


  • FIXED: Further possible SQL injection ways found by WPScan team.


  • FIXED: Found possible SQL injections ways.
  • FIXED: Custom sorting was not displayed in frontend.
  • FIXED: 90 and 279 degree rotated images were not shown right in frontend.


  • FIXED: Clicking on options tab in “Edit options” might not always display the right options area.


  • NEW: “E-mail to frontend user after frontend upload” enableable in “Upload options”.
  • NEW: “Comments notification e-mail for frontend user” enableable in “Gallery options”.
  • NEW: “Votes notification e-mail for frontend user” enableable in “Gallery options”.
  • FIXED: “Comment will be reviewed” message does not appear, if comment is first comment of a file and “Review comments” is activated.


  • NEW: “Copy original file source link button” enableable in “File view options”.
  • NEW: “Forward to original file source button” enableable in “File view options”.
  • NEW: Show order of current selected file in slider view.
  • NEW: Bigger slider handle button in slider view on mobiles.
  • FIXED: Vertical scrolling till submit button in “In gallery upload form” not possible for mobiles.
  • FIXED: Clicking on alternative file type like txt or pdf caused instant download of the file, in single file view.
  • FIXED: “Download original file button” option could not be deactivated.


  • FIXED: Images cutted on the right side in blog view and slider view in some cases.
  • FIXED: Gallery might break after new image upload in some cases.


  • NEW: Improved sorting in frontend.
  • NEW: Improved opening image after in gallery frontend upload.
  • NEW: Improved slider view look on bigger monitors.
  • NEW: Blog view not full window image URL can be copied.
  • NEW: Different small improvements frontend handling overall.
  • FIXED: Changing orientation on mobiles.
  • FIXED: Opening slider and blog view full window on bigger monitors.
  • FIXED: Closing blog view full window and appearance blog view not full window.
  • FIXED: Different small bugfixes frontend handling overall.


  • NEW: Improved items arrangement in blog view and slider view.
  • NEW: Sticky menu with gallery buttons when scrolling down in blog view full window and slider view full window.
  • NEW: Improved navigation in slider view.
  • FIXED: Hint messages did not appear in backend images area.
  • FIXED: Switching from sorting by rating to sorting by date did show wrong order in frontend.
  • FIXED: Uploaded file in gallery upload form was not opened after upload.


  • NEW: Custom sorting in backend is available and can be activated for frontend.


  • NEW: Management of additional files in backend images area improved.
  • NEW: Position of exif data if additional files were added with exif data improved in frontend.
  • FIXED: Parse error gallery options for some PHP versions.


  • FIXED: Changing additional file to first order shows wrong original file in backend when trying to sort files again.


  • NEW: New “Review comments” option in “Edit options” >>> “Gallery”. Comments can be reviewed and manually activated in backend images area.
  • FIXED: Emojis does not appear when clicking on emojis icon when commenting in frontend for some themes.


  • FIXED: Using different kind of gallery shortcodes with same id on same page might cause galleries loading error in some cases.


  • NEW: Add additional files to every file post. Like multiple files upload on Instagram. Available for galleries created or copied in version 17 or higher.
  • NEW: “Gallery slide out” in “Single file view” changed now in “Blog view”. Relevant for galleries created before 15.0.5 version and where “Gallery slide out” option is used.
  • FIXED: Preview thumbnail was not shown for videos on IOS mobile devices.


  • NEW: “You have already voted for this file” icon will be displayed near a voting count in frontend if already voted for a file.


  • NEW: Unix time shown in backend now converted and displayed based on configuration of WordPress timezone settings.
  • NEW: ICO file type upload and adding to gallery not possible anymore since WordPress 6.0 restriction.


  • NEW: Check if required tables created and show query and error message if not.
  • NEW: Check if upload folder is writable and show error message if not.
  • NEW: WordPress Media Library file ID, title and description are added to “Export all fields and total rating”.
  • FIXED: Frontend in gallery upload form backdrop did not always appear.
  • FIXED: Frontend bulk upload issues in some cases.
  • FIXED: Exit full screen via Escape button in frontend.


  • NEW: Some upload validation and frontend handling improvements.
  • FIXED: Security issue – possible SQL injection.


  • NEW: Improved multiple stars voting frontend process and visually.
  • NEW: “Activated” and “Winner” column is displayed in “Export all fields and total rating” CSV file.


  • NEW: Powerpoint file types can be added: PPT, PPTX


  • NEW: Video file types can be added, uploaded and played in gallery: WEBM, MP4, MOV
  • FIXED: Forwarding to file from “File activation e-mail” did not work if cg_users_upload form shortcode was used.


  • NEW: New file types can be added and uploaded in gallery: MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A
  • FIXED: “Show votes” and “Show comments” in backend for new file types did not work.


  • NEW: New file types can be added and uploaded in gallery: PDF, ZIP, TXT, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV
  • NEW: Select in “Edit upload form” which file types can be uploaded.
  • NEW: Configure “Max upload size” for new file types.
  • NEW: Facebook share button deprecated. Not available for new galleries anymore.


  • NEW: Allow/Disallow file types as upload option for frontend upload form.
  • NEW: ICO images can be added now as file type.
  • NEW: PNGs and GIFs can be uploaded only in PRO version now.


  • FIXED: cg_users_upload shortcode upload form not visible if certain options combination is activated.


  • FIXED: cg_users_upload shortcode upload form not visible for not logged in users.


  • NEW: Modern upload form. Image upload area always at the top of the upload form. Drag and drop can be done.
  • NEW: Bulk upload only available in PRO version.
  • NEW: cg_users_upload shortcode can be now added multiple times on same page using different gallery ids.
  • NEW: Information for each image can be edited in bulk upload.
  • NEW: All kind of emojis can be added to comments form now. No not allowed emojis message anymore when using own mobile device emojis.
  • FIXED: Japanese and Korean chars could not be typed in comments and upload form.


  • NEW: Modern skeleton loader will be shown for images on loading in frontend gallery.
  • NEW: “Open image style” “Gallery slide out” is deprecated and not available in new galleries.


  • NEW: “Export all fields and total rating” in backend images area available.
  • FIXED: Registering twice if user registered same mail twice and then used the activation links.


  • FIXED: Votes overview not visible on mobile in user, no voting and winner gallery clicking on vote for “Multiple stars voting”.
  • FIXED: “Select vote” is not translatable for “Multiple stars voting”. Now “Your vote” instead of “Select vote” appears and is translatable.


  • NEW: Sum character is described when clicking on voting in frontend and multiple stars voting is activated. Translation of “Sum” can be found in “Edit options” >>> “Translations Gallery” or in language files translations.
  • FIXED: Opened “Select vote” modal for multiple stars voting did not adopted “Opened image color style”.


  • FIXED: Opening URL from “Image activation e-mail” did not work if another variant of cg_gallery shortcode (like cg_gallery_no_voting for example) was inserted. If different variants of same gallery shortcodes are inserted on same page the one at the top will be prioritized now.


  • NEW: Multiple stars voting. Activate multiple stars voting and select two to ten stars with new details overview in frontend. Rating is points sum based.
  • NEW: Existing “Five star voting” is now part of the new multiple stars voting system.
  • NEW: Sorting by average and quantity is not possible anymore for multiple stars voting system in frontend. Only sorting by points sum is available.
  • NEW: “Row view” is deprecated because can’t fulfill mobile requirements. If “Row view” was activated before “Height view” will be activated instead.


  • FIXED: Comments in frontend couldn’t be set if cg_gallery and cg_gallery_user shortcodes with same id are added to a page.


  • NEW: “Rating sum descending” and “Rating sum ascending” (five stars voting) can be now configured for “Preselect order when page loads” option in “Gallery view options”.
  • FIXED: Sorting by rating sum five star voting in frontend might not work correctly.
  • FIXED: “Preselect order when page loads” might not work correctly.


  • FIXED: Content of textarea is not visible when entering comment in dark style single image view in frontend. Because font has same color as background.


  • FIXED: Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attack possibility.
  • FIXED: Line breaks in comments were not visible in frontend.


  • NEW: Order galleries by id descend and ascend in backend.


  • FIXED: Clicking on “Add comment” in frontend might change visually names for already done comments of the picture.


  • NEW: Sort by “Rating sum” for “5 stars voting” in backend and frontend.
  • FIXED: Tooltip on scroll over frontend gallery elements appearance not precise for all kind of themes.
  • FIXED: “Show thank you for voting message” option might not work in all cases. Requires options resave if not working.


  • NEW: “Allow only logged in users to comment” option in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: When commenting as logged in user then “Nickname” (WordPress profile field) and “Profile image” (available in “Edit registration form”) will be displayed instead of enter “Name” field.
  • NEW: “Enable emojis” option “Image view options” in comments area. Option is enabled by default.


  • NEW: “Text before registration form before logged in” option available in “Registration options”.
  • NEW: “Permanent text when logged in” option available in “Login options”.


  • NEW: Watermarks – “Input”, “Select” and “Select categories field” fields in “Upload form” can be used as CSS based gallery images watermarks.


  • NEW: “Profile image” for “Registration form”. A user can upload a profile image when registering.
  • NEW: Edit “Profile image” when logged in.
  • NEW: Validation of edited registration form fields when logged in.
  • NEW: “Show profile image who uploaded image” option in “Image view” options. If profile image exists it will be visible and clickable in a gallery in frontend.
  • NEW: Role groups to check which can edit fields from “Registration form” in “Edit profile” when logged in. Available in “Registration options”.
  • NEW: More translations added in “Translations (general) options”.
  • FIXED: Undefined variable message when cg_users_login shortcode is used and user is not logged in for some PHP versions.


  • FIXED: Appearance of select field rows in upload form and registration form in frontend was broken.


  • NEW: Text before login form before logged in.
  • NEW: Text before Google sign in button before logged in.
  • NEW: “You are already logged in” translation will be not displayed anymore, because not required.
  • FIXED: Confirmation text after login did not appear.


  • FIXED: General login options might be not created.
  • FIXED: Forward to configured URL after successfully login might not work if configured.
  • FIXED: Some general registration and login options might be not saved.


  • NEW: Login via Google (Google sign in) button options.
  • NEW: New “Contest Gallery User since v14”. user group with “Edit profile” abilities when logged in.
  • NEW: “Logout URL” in “Login options”.
  • NEW: “Back to gallery URL” in “Login options”.
  • NEW: “Lost password e-mail options” in “Login options”.
  • NEW: “Username” and “Nickname” as registration form fields available for new galleries since v14.
  • NEW: “WP First Name” and “WP Last” as registration form fields available for new galleries since v14.
  • FIXED: Eventually Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks possibilities.


  • FIXED: Pagination select page element appearance for some themes broken in frontend.
  • FIXED: Remove votes manually in backend not always executed.
  • FIXED: Background alignment of overlay when deleting images in backend. Was imprecise before.


  • FIXED: Security issue – improved conditions user authentication when exporting data Contest Gallery backend area.


  • FIXED: Security issue – possible SQL injection.


  • FIXED: Some japanese characters could not be typed in upload form.


  • NEW: “of” as translation validation message available now for pagination translation in frontend.
  • FIXED: When total activated images amount is divisible by “Number of images per screen” (Gallery view option), then frontend pagination will be not shown.


  • NEW: “Email and password do not match” translation validation message instead of “Email wrong” or “Password is wrong” is used now in login form.
  • FIXED: “This email is not valid” translation validation message was not shown if not valid email was typed in login form.
  • FIXED: Successful login might not cause required redirect in some cases.


  • FIXED: Opening gallery in frontend in “Full window blog view” might cause to open one of the images twice.


  • NEW: Tooltip appears on hover of frontend gallery elements.
  • NEW: Gallery icons tooltips translations are available in “Edit options”.
  • NEW: Pagination new handling. Steps replaced by modern click through and select page handling.
  • NEW: “Show thank you for voting message after voting” option available in “Voting options”.
  • NEW: “No images found” translation message appears in frontend if no images found when search in frontend.


  • FIXED: Gallery reload after in gallery upload fails if cg_gallery_user and cg_gallery shortcodes with same id on same page are used and cg_gallery has no activated image.


  • FIXED: Export all votes shown different WordPress user ids but always same email and user name if a logged in user voted.


  • FIXED: Galleries not loaded in frontend if multiple gallery shortcodes are inserted, first gallery is a user gallery, and frontend user is not logged in.


  • NEW: Gallery container look with bright or dark background.
  • NEW: Improved CSS and style colors for gallery bright and dark view.
  • NEW: All forms has bright and dark CSS styles now. It can be switched between bright and dark style for each form in “Edit options”.
  • NEW: Round borders can be configured for all forms. It can be switched between round and normal borders for each form in “Edit options”.
  • NEW: Improved frontend categories widget handling. Categories can be expanded and collapsed.
  • FIXED: Switching from blog view to normal gallery and trying to open image in gallery slide out mode not working.
  • FIXED:
    tags were not working in “This text is visible until first image appears in the gallery” area.
  • FIXED: If “Show categories widget in frontend” is deactivated and there are categories, then gallery reload fails after upload via “In gallery form”.
  • FIXED: Apostrophe and quotes appears with backslash in frontend in single image view and in gallery upload form.
  • FIXED: “Enable switch color style button” for gallery view appears only if multiple views are or full window button are activated.
  • FIXED: “Enable switch color style button” for single image view appears only if also for is activated for gallery view.


  • NEW: “Show constantly (without hovering) vote, comments and image title in gallery view” can be configured for each cg_gallery shortcode type now in “Gallery view options”.
  • NEW: “Allow only registered users to see the gallery” can be configured for each cg_gallery shortcode type now in “Gallery view options”.
  • NEW: Copy translation tooltip added to each translation in “Edit options” >>> “Translations”.
  • NEW: Emoticons can not be added to user upload form and input fields so text will be always saved on all types of servers.
  • FIXED: If there is no information for an image set which should be visible in frontend and “Show comments only” is activated then comments will be not displayed in frontend.


  • NEW: “Enable switch color style button” for gallery top controls in “Gallery view options”. Bright or dark style is available.
  • NEW: “Enable switch color style button for single image view” in “Image view options”. Bright or dark style is available.
  • NEW: Dark style CSS colors are is improved. Top controls and single image view dark style has same look.
  • NEW: Improved single image view control buttons behaviour on mobiles.
  • FIXED: Clicking on an image and entering full window blog view might duplicate one of an images, so one of images might appear twice.
  • FIXED: Clicking enter when add comment in frontend cause no line break or cause multiple line breaks.


  • NEW: Zoom images on smartphone mobile devices is possible now. Simply click an image and a larger version of image appears and can be closed.
  • FIXED: “Passing glue string after array is deprecated” message on some server PHP versions.


  • NEW: “Please use available emoticons” text appears if an emoticon will be added which is not in the list of available emoticons. This is necessary to make this function working for all WordPress and database versions.
  • NEW: “Add comment” button is visible again (improved visual). Have to be clicked so it is possible to comment. This handling is necessary so it also works on all mobile devices.
  • FIXED: Not possible to comment on safari.
  • FIXED: Not possible possible to click enter in comment on mobile Android devices.
  • FIXED: Some gallery user, winner and no voting options were not displayed in frontend.


  • FIXED: Wrong in gallery upload form “Confirmation text after upload” is inserted when creating a gallery.


  • NEW: Improved show further comments handling in frontend.
  • NEW: Improved show further information handling in frontend.
  • FIXED: Copy paste in comments might not appear in right way after site reload.


  • NEW: “Comment notification e-mail options” available in “Gallery options”.
  • NEW: “Hide enter name comments area” available in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Make current voting status visible” available in “Gallery view options cg_gallery_no_voting”.
  • FIXED: “Full window button did not work” if “Full window slider” option was activated.


  • NEW: Add emoticons to comments.
  • NEW: Comments area is always visible in single image view if allow to comment is activated.
  • FIXED: “Zip all images” might not work in some cases.
  • FIXED: “Export all votes” might not work in some cases.


  • NEW: “Translations” for “Registration form” and “Login form” structured in “Edit options”.
  • FIXED: “Translations” for “Login form” did not work in “Edit options”.
  • FIXED: “Translations” for “Upload form” did not work in “Edit options” if using cg_users_upload shortcode.


  • NEW: “There will be no images displayed in frontend” message will get visible in backend on “Save changes” of categories in images area if categories are unchecked and no images would be visible in frontend.


  • FIXED: “Camera model” exif data option can not be deactivated for cg_gallery shortcode.


  • NEW: “This text is visible until first image appears in the gallery” option in “Gallery view options”.
  • FIXED: “Show as title in gallery view” in “Edit upload form” did not work in all cases.
  • FIXED: Remove image button disappeared in cg_gallery_user single image view.
  • FIXED: Datepicker might appear wrong positioned in frontend.


  • FIXED: Gallery might not loading for some template types.
  • FIXED: Registration form frontend validation did not work if upload form also was inserted on same page.


  • NEW: Shortcodes container redesign in backend menu navigation.
  • NEW: Start menu redesign. Contains more information now.
  • FIXED: Some translations might be not always visible in frontend.
  • FIXED: Total count of all images will be shown on category labels in user gallery instead of count of user images only.


  • FIXED: Some translations might be not always visible in frontend.
  • FIXED: Image information data might be visible in frontend which is not configured as visible in “Edit upload form” after frontend upload. If this is the case then please go “Edit options” >>> “Status, repair…” and click “Repair frontend” button.


  • FIXED: Plugin activation might fail in some cases.


  • FIXED: Frontend gallery might be not loaded in case of upload folder was returned as http but site is https.


  • FIXED: After updating to 12.3.0 when using cg_gallery_user shortcode images were visible of another users, but could not be edited or deleted.


  • NEW: Improved frontend data rendering, adapted for more templates.


  • FIXED: EXIF data was not immediately displayed after uploading via frontend upload form if auto activation was not enabled.


  • NEW: “Exif data to show in frontend” can be configured in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Original image date” EXIF data can be enabled in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Original image date format to show in frontend” can be configured in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Comments date format shown in frontend” can be configured in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: Show available EXIF data in backend images area.
  • FIXED: Images were not found by available EXIF data in backend.
  • FIXED: Load more images button might be not visible in WordPress media library of Contest Gallery backend images area.


  • NEW: “Export all votes” function for a gallery. Button can be found in images area.
  • NEW: “Check by IP and Cookie” combined as voting recognition method.
  • FIXED: “Check if is registered” voting option can be manipulated in some cases.


  • FIXED: After voting in blog view done vote was not shown in gallery for “One star voting”.
  • FIXED: “The photo contest has not started yet” translation was not shown.
  • FIXED: “Insert original WordPress title” in backend creates an empty space at beginning of title.
  • FIXED: “Rating descend” for five stars improved. First quantity order and second order is average now. Average was not as second order before.


  • FIXED: Voting not working in “Blog view” if “Blog view” as first view and “Vote via 1 star” are activated.


  • FIXED: Long title description might not shown right in gallery view.
  • FIXED: If “Show comments only” is activated then sorting by comments is missing.
  • FIXED: CSS of URL field if configured as title in gallery improved.
  • FIXED: Box shadow of modern skeleton loader missing when opening image in blog view full window.


  • NEW: “Comment options” can be configured for every cg_gallery shortcode type in “Image view options” now.
  • NEW: “Show comments only” option.


  • NEW: Modern skeleton loader when adding images for upload in frontend.
  • FIXED: Changing orientation of in gallery upload form on mobiles did not changed to required height of form.


  • FIXED: Frontend in gallery upload form might be stretched over full document height on mobiles.


  • NEW: Opening new image replace browser history instead of adding new.
  • NEW: Clicking back button forwards to gallery start if image is opened.
  • NEW: Opening “Full window blog view” by clicking an images shows modern skeleton loader now.
  • FIXED: Images might not shown in “Blog view” if “Slide effect vertical” option is activated.
  • FIXED: “Single image view” could not be opened for cg_gallery_no_voting shortcode.
  • FIXED: Resolution of images in some cases to low on mobiles in “Single image view”.
  • FIXED: Wrong position in some cases when opening an image in “Full window blog view”.


  • NEW: Copy image link option for single image view available in “Image view options”.


  • FIXED: Delete user images option in frontend for cg_gallery_user shortcode is not visible in some cases.
  • FIXED: In gallery upload form button might appear twice after upload in some cases.
  • FIXED: Gallery content might not appear when certain theme JavaScript files processing order is configurated.


  • NEW: “Winner all” and “Not winner all” buttons added to images area in backend.
  • FIXED: Sorting by rating average for five star did not work when opening full window for slider view.


  • FIXED: Five star voting on mobiles for themes with sticky menu menu was not working.
  • FIXED: Position of image using “Full window blog view” option might be not always correct joining full window.


  • NEW: “Round borders for all control elements and containers” option in “Gallery view options”.
  • FIXED: Closing full window in an image in full window opened the image again if “Start gallery full window view as slide out by clicking an image” was activated.
  • FIXED: “You can not comment in own gallery” message does not appear in “Blog view” if cg_gallery_user shortcode is used and user tries to comment own image.
  • FIXED: Calculation of sizes of image information box for “Height View” was not always correct.
  • FIXED: Image information behaviour if images were rotated in frontend.


  • NEW: Modern backdrop in frontend when a message in gallery appear.
  • FIXED: Controls slide in background in full window has now same background color as theme.
  • FIXED: Slider view disappears if full window was joined in another view before and then going back to slider view.
  • FIXED: Slider might be not opened if configured as first view.


  • NEW: Modern image title, comments and rating stats appearance on hover of images in gallery view. For new created or copied galleries since version 12.1.0.
  • NEW: Titles of images in gallery view not only one row anymore. For new created or copied galleries since version 12.1.0.


  • NEW: Backend “Edit options” area redesign.

Full updates history can be found in changelog.txt in plugins directory.