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Break free from the old ways of displaying photos on your websites. Experience the futuristic drag-and-drop Gallery Addon for your Beaver Builder websites. Visuals are the core element of any website, they have to be exceptional and appealing at the same time. Xpro Gallery Addon rescues you for this gigantic task. The plugin is developed to cater to any modern gallery display you want. Whether you are an individual, freelancer, or an agency, it takes only a few steps to design a world-class gallery for your or your client’s website.

Our plugin is a true native Beaver Builder Gallery Plugin that has numerous FREE features for you. It serves as a portal to create fully customizable, responsive, and mobile-friendly galleries

We Have Been There…

As an agency owner, we used to face issues while creating custom galleries for our clients. It was a tiresome and time-consuming process that still left us with a lot of complications while understanding the client’s needs. We tried and tested various plugins available in the WP market but none of them resolved our concerns and some were paid plugins too. So, to break the chains we created Xpro Gallery for Beaver Builder. A truly native addon that harnesses the power of Beaver Builder. It’s Free (most of the features), it is highly responsive, and it takes only a few minutes to create compelling galleries.

You can simply import any templates from our dashboard or create a new one easily and effectively. All you have to do is simply drag-and-drop your images in our pre-defined templates and start creating amazing websites for your clients.

Gallery for Everyone

No Backend. No Learning Curve. No Coding.

You might have used Gallery Addons & Slider Addons separately. But have you experienced them together? We have integrated both functionalities in Xpro Gallery Addon so you can display your galleries in slider mode too. The best thing? It is extremely easy to use due to our front-end control and live preview features.

Real-time Preview and Editing

No other gallery plugin offers this feature. You will see everything in real-time while you create your gallery. We believe everything should be crystal clear to you while designing your website galleries. Keeping this into consideration, we have developed innovative features that will save your time and keep you creative & productive. With our Addon, you will see real-time design changes, unlike other photo gallery plugins where you have to visit the WordPress dashboard, create a shortcode and then embed it.

We found this a very time-consuming task by going back to the WordPress admin panel to make further changes. We also found that people are looking for easiness to create galleries. So, to solve this problem we decided to create a native photo gallery for beaver builders that deliver an excellent user experience.

Mobile Toggle with Real-time Preview

This feature is a huge time saver. Style your filters and menus in real-time for any device display. This gives you a visual presentation of how your photo gallery filters and menu will look on your website that makes you match your designs with the original concept you had in mind.

Powerful Lightbox

Xpro is committed to providing modern solutions, and that’s where Lightbox comes into play. Our Lightbox for Xpro Gallery is retina-ready, highly optimized, and responsive. A lot of other features are available and comes built-in with our plugin. Xpro Gallery comes with our in-house developed JavaScript libraries and it dynamically displays images and videos effortlessly.

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Key Highlights of Xpro Gallery – Pro

  • 4+ Layout Styles
  • Dynamic Content
  • 20+ Hover Styles
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Color Overlay Style
  • Gif Gallery
  • Custom Grids
  • Gradient Background
  • Gradient Background Overlay
  • 300+ Free Templates
  • Multiple Filters Styles
  • Filterable Photo Album
  • Smart Lightbox
  • 4+ Pop Up Styles
  • Unique Title & Description
  • Unique URLs
  • Realtime Pop Up Preview
  • Download Image
  • Social Share
  • Pop Up Slide Show
  • 100% Responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • Light Weight
  • Regular Updates
  • 30+ animations for filters

Discover What Xpro Gallery Pro Offers

World-class Features Curated Just for You

Get These Amazing Features with Xpro Gallery – Lite

Unique Image Links

This feature has two benefits; one, it helps Google to index your images because each image has a unique URL and secondly, you can simply share any image by copying its URL. Let’s say you are on an online store website and you would like to share a specific dress with your friend. All you got to do is copy the URL and send it to your friend so they can see the same image quickly without navigating the website. Most other galleries don’t offer this feature.

Download Button

You can easily enable your web visitors to download your content through this feature. Our plugin puts a download button next to each image. So you can simply allow your visitors to download the images from the website with just one click.

Dynamic Popup Styles

A total of 4 unique pop-up styles are available to choose from. Pop-ups offer an engaging experience to users while interacting with images. Only 1 style is available in the Lite version.

Instant Social Share

Our Gallery Plugin offers a Social Sharing feature. This feature lets your visitors instantly share helps to engage your customer and increase more traffic on the website via social shares.

Premium Gallery Layouts

Xpro Gallery offers 4 modern layouts with a dynamic photo gallery. You can either choose from our world-class layouts or create your own grid styles. There is no end to creativity, customize your gallery as per your requirements. The layouts are:

  • Grid
  • Masonry (Pro)
  • Mosaic (Pro)
  • Carousel (Pro)


The responsiveness of your gallery across all devices isn’t a headache anymore. Our plugin looks great on all devices. Swipe to navigate, spread/pinch to zoom in/out is supported on all modern touch devices.

GPU Accelerated

Hardware accelerated animations for better performance and seamless user experience.

Optimized For Speed

Despite being rich in functionality, Xpro Gallery is optimized to be as fast and lightweight as possible. All scripts and styles are loaded only when required for a certain page. We have also implemented lazy load functionality that only loads the images when needed. So, Xpro Gallery keeps your website super fast and optimized to load within 1 second.

SEO Friendly Plugin

Xpro Gallery is based on performance keeping. The plugin is designed to deliver SEO-optimized websites with the help of proper structure and tags. Furthermore, being optimized to the core, it is lightweight and fast when it comes to loading websites.

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What You Get in PRO Version

Turn Your Raw Ideas Into Stunning Visuals with Xpro Gallery – Pro

The Pro version is truly meant to unleash the creative genius within you. It is built for agencies and individuals who are simply ‘perfectionists’. It is also for those freelancers and newbies who want to save their time and energy but in the meantime want to create stunning visuals for their clients.

Galleries & Layouts

Xpro Gallery Addon offers two types of galleries, Simple and Album. They are both available in the Lite version. 4 modern layouts with a dynamic photo gallery are available in Pro mode. You can create galleries of your choice by implementing these highly functional layouts.

  • Grid
  • Masonry
  • Mosaic
  • Carousal

Popup Styles & Settings

4 highly engaging pop-up styles are available in the Pro version. Apart from this, you can also preview the pop-ups in real-time while designing your website. You will be able to customize the setting of your pop-ups like the image download option and social share buttons.

Image Box Customization

You can give custom height to the image box and customize the spacing between images as per your requirements. Plus, you will be able to add several columns in one row to create highly engaging image boxes.

Dynamic Filters

Create dynamic filters for your gallery by unlocking the following features:

  • Enable or Disable filters
  • Add an unlimited number of filters
  • Assign multiple filters to one item and vice versa
  • 30+ Animations for filters
  • Dropdown options for responsive devices and you can also preview the responsive design
  • Customize Colors, Border, Background, and Active Colors for each filter
  • Choose different colors and formats for the responsive design of your filter

Customize Gallery Items

Customize your Simple and Album Galleries with the Pro version of Xpro Gallery:

  • Add Multiple Filters
  • Add Titles, Descriptions, Featured Images, and Photo Groups
  • Add Multiple Filters, Titles, and Photo Groups in a simple gallery (up to 8 images with no filters for Lite)

Dynamic Styling

Add styles to your gallery the way you like it. Here are the dynamic options available in the Pro version:

  • Add Borders to Gallery Boxes
  • Add Hover Effects
  • 15+ Hover Effects are available (only 2 available for LITE)
  • Add Overlay Color, Overlay Icons with custom styling
  • Turn the Title on or off and customize the styling of Titles
  • Enable or disable the Description along with custom styling

Dynamic Typography

Delight your website visitors by changing the typography as per your website’s requirements and nature of business. You can customize the typography for the following:

  • Filters
  • Titles
  • Descriptions

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Xpro Gallery is a user-driven project that endures your feedback. If you face any issues using the plugin or want to suggest a feature for the plugin, please feel free to contact our Support Team. We will be more than happy to hear you out.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled developers regularly updates the platform, always looking for more user-friendly options that would make it easier for you to build world-class websites. We have a dedicated support team for Xpro, and this is why we promise you a compelling web designing & development experience of a lifetime.
Get on board with us on a journey of becoming a successful agency, freelancer, or individual!



  1. Install our Plugins Addon for Beaver Builder For FREE! through the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server through wp-content/plugins.

For more information, please visit our Filterable Photo Gallary. Keep in mind that not all features described in this page are available in this FREE version of Xpro Gallery For Beaver Builder Plugin for Beaver Builder.


Ноябрь 17, 2021-ж.
Incredible, very easy to customize. I am looking forward to the future! Thanks
Ноябрь 4, 2020-ж.
I use this to create a portfolio gallery for my client site. The pro version is a no-brainer.
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Contributors & Developers

“Xpro Gallery For Beaver Builder – Lite” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



V 1.4.2 – 06 April 2024

  • Fixed: Fixed Filter issues update js.

V 1.4.1 – 29 December 2023

  • Improved: Updated gallery styles.

V 1.3.5 – 22 March 2022

  • Improved: Update Industry Filters in Dashboard.
  • Updated: Update Dashboard Styles.
  • Improved: Update Dashboard Menu.

V 1.3.4 – 29 January 2022

  • Improved: Update Dashboard Files.

V 1.3.3 – 23 December 2021

  • Improved: Fix compatibility when importing templates.

V 1.3.2 – 14 December 2021

  • Fixed: Fix module issues upgrading to Xpro.

V 1.3.1 – 08 December 2021

  • Improved: Update To BB Xpro Addons.

V 1.2.3 – 23 December 2020

  • Improved: Fix compatibility when importing templates.

V 1.2.2 – 14 December 2020

  • Fixed: Fix module issues upgrading to Xpro

V 1.2.1 – 08 December 2020

  • Improved: Update To BB Xpro Addons.

V 1.1.4 – 30 November 2020

  • Updated: Update Template Library.

V 1.1.3 – 25 November 2020

  • Updated: Fixed lite templates link.

V 1.1.2 – 09 November 2020

  • Updated: Update styles and layouts.

V 1.1.1 – 10 Augut 2020

  • Improved: Improve styles and layouts.
  • Added: Add option for multiple filters on single item.
  • Added: Add Crazy Effect.
  • Improved: Add Four popup styles.
  • Added: Include Mosaic and Carousel Layout.
  • Improved: Add simple gallery type with album.

V 1.0.5 – 09 July 2019

  • Added: Added custom grid system and removed Bootstrap support.
  • Added: Added unit field for ‘Number of Items’.

V 1.0.4 – 10 June 2019

  • Fixed: Fix conflict with WordPress Customizer.

V 1.0.3 – 28 May 2019

  • Added: Added beaver builder’s new fields and CSS rules.
  • Added: Added bootstrap library.
  • Fixed: Ajax error fixed when editing module.
  • Fixed: PHP count() function warning occurred after adding gallery photos.

V 1.0.2 – 05 April 2019

  • Added: Added default value for Gallery title and category fields.

V 1.0.1 – 26 December 2018

  • Updated: Updated gallery styles.

V 1.0.0 – 24 December 2018

  • Updated: Updated gallery styles.

0.1.0 – 12 December 2018

  • Initial Release