This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Floatbox Plus


Floatbox Plus is a plugin that implements Floatbox by Byron McGregor (a javascript similar to Lightview/Lightbox/Shadowbox/Fancybox/Thickbox).
Floatbox Plus is used to create overlay display images/videos (only youtube/vimeo) on the webpage and to automatically add the correct overlay links to images.
Floatbox Plus permits users to view larger versions of images/videos without having to leave the current page, and is also able to display
simple slideshows. Floatbox Plus captures the image title for display in the overlay.

This plugin automatically enhance image links to use Floatbox, videos from youtube/vimeo can be inserted via wysiwyg-editor-plugin.

No other (external) JavaScript-Libraries (like Mootools/Prototype, Scriptaculous/JQuery) are needed. Unlike Lightview Plus
this plugin should work with other plugins using prototyp/scriptaculous like Referrer Detector (the reason, why i made this fork).

Cause the license of Floatbox by Byron McGregor is not GPL compatible, it isn’t bundled with the plugin.
To get the plugin working you need to do a manual installation of floatbox on your own (see installations instructions).
As requested by the developer of Floatbox, the download/install option inside the plugin is deactivated in Floatbox Plus 1.4.0+.

Please report bugs and/or feature-request to our ticket-system: Bugtracker/Wiki.
For Support, please use the forum.
Latest development news: Twitter or blog.

Floatbox Plus is based on the WP-Plugin “Lightview Plus” by Thorsten Puzich.


  1. Upload the ‘floatbox-plus’ folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress admin
  3. Let the plugin download/install floatbox by Byron McGregor via option from the plugin page

or (manual installation of floatbox)

  1. Upload the ‘floatbox-plus’ folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’
  2. Download Floatbox from
  3. Extract the downloaded zip file and upload the whole ‘floatbox’ folder to ‘/wp-content/plugins/floatbox-plus/floatbox/
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress admin


Can I use this plugin with floatbox 3.50 or higher?

Yes. Just go to the options page and set which version of floatbox you use!
Otherwise the plugin may not work properly.

Can I use this plugin and Lightview Plus (other any other plugin with similar function) at the same time?


Possible to use this plugin with other plugins (like referrer detector) using the JQuery-Library?

Yes, Floatbox doesn’t depend on external JavaScript-Libraries and therefor it is compatible to referrer detector
and other plugins using JQuery.

Can i exlude an image from showing with floatbox?

Yes, you can:

for floatbox 3.50 and higher:
add class=”nofloatbox” to the link

for earlier versions of floatbox:
add rel=”nofloatbox” to the link

Is it possible to change the options of floatbox.js without editing the file itself?

Yes and no, actually only some options (theme selection + animation options) can be adjusted at the plugin options page.

Seems that the XML-data isn’t cached?

If you’re using PHP4 or PHP5 without SimpleXML-extension the cache won’t work.

For other questions, take a look at the support forum.


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Contributors & Developers

“Floatbox Plus” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • [FIX] floatbox versioncheck


  • [FIX] see 1.4.2


  • [NEW] floatbox versioncheck
  • [NEW] russian translation by Mikalay Lisica


  • [FIX] YouTubeHQ


  • [UPDATE] As requested by the developer of Floatbox, the download/install option inside the plugin is deactivated in Floatbox Plus 1.4.0+.
  • [FIX] vimeo code (video should play again)


  • [FIX] crossport lightview plus 2.5.3
  • [FIX] small YouTube Feed fix
  • [NEW] new vimeo embed code to work with iphone, ipad… (haven’t tested it, because I don’t own an iPad)
  • [NEW] use of wp_remote_fopen to use curl or fopen
  • [NEW] added
  • [FIX] removed deprecated function
  • [NEW] preview picture and a text of video is shown in feeds, instead of the simple text
  • [NEW] Autoplay for all videos
  • [FIX] some small core changes
  • [NEW] added some lines for more security
  • [FIX] Cache for video data
  • [NEW] Debug Option for videos
  • [NEW] Nice placeholder for videos which aren’t available. Thanks to Zaur!

1.2.21 / 1.2.22

  • [UPDATE] downloadurl for floatbox 4.21


  • [NEW] link to edit “options.js” with the plugin-editor of wordpress
  • [UPDATE] downloadurl for floatbox 4.13


  • [FIX] removed unnecessary
    below the videothumb
  • [UPDATE] downloadurl for floatbox 4.11


  • [NEW] options.js + notice about the many more options and the configurator
  • [UPDATE] downloadurl for floatbox 4.04


  • [FIX] fix for the php4
  • [UPDATE] downloadurl for floatbox 4.01


  • [FIX] php4/simplexml.class.php fix (cache doesn’t work with php4)


  • [NEW] previewthumbs from youtube-videos are now fetched via api
  • [NEW] xml-results from api-calls (vimeo/youtube) are cached if possible (php5, write-access to cachedirectory)


  • [FIX] play-button
  • [NEW] play-button option: overlay image vs. textmode
  • more information



  • [NEW] finish translation by jaska
  • [FIX] vimeo videos and preview images are shown in the correct dimension, now
  • [UPDATE] simple api v2 (vimeo)
  • [FIX] play-button on previewimages (no more image, just a symbol)
  • more information


  • [NEW] floatbox option: preloadAll (default true)



  • [NEW] play-button overlay on videopreviewimages
  • [FIX] cleanup (javascript libs)
  • more information


  • [FIX] floatbox-licensekey/code cleanup


  • [FIX] downloadlink for floatbox 3.54.3


  • [FIX] adding videos to a page
  • [NEW] belarusian-belarus translation by Fat Cow


  • [FIX] Javascript error in Internet Explorer (#18)
  • [FIX] invalid xhtml-output (#19)


  • [FIX] security (don’t allow script execution outside wordpress)


  • [NEW] allow youtube videos to be shown in fullscreen-mode


  • [FIX] YouTube HQ-Video
  • [NEW] set floatbox-licensekey via options page
  • more information


  • [FIX] updating the options didn’t work


  • [FIX] german translation
  • [FIX] download option reactivated
  • [FIX] updated faq: howto exlude images…



  • [NEW] videogallery (#7)
  • [NEW] compatibility for floatbox 3.50 and above/older versions are still supported (#14)
  • [FIX] compatibility fix for wordpress 2.8 (2.5++) (#12)
  • [FIX] Updated video links, with caption title (+ validation error fixed) (#13)


  • [FIX] YouTube HQ


  • [FIX] Floatbox plus causing Error on IE7 – Expected identifier, string or number #10


  • [FIX] direct download disabled, due to changes in the licensing of floatbox


  • [FIX] showing YouTube HQ videos direct in HQ mode


  • [NEW] simplexml_load_file support for PHP4 and PHP5, where it is not compiled with
  • [FIX] adding default values


  • [NEW] direct download of floatbox.js inside the plugin, no more manual upload needed
  • more information



  • [FIX] using captions instead of title
  • [FIX] NextGen Gallery: HTML in comments… (#5)
  • more information


  • [NEW] change (some) floatbox options at plugin options page
  • [NEW] Updatenotices
  • [FIX] Backup and restore of floatbox during auto update of the plugin
  • more information


  • update (lightview: 2.0.3 -> 2.1.0)