This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Mis Cursos LMS


Mis Cursos LMS is a simple LMS plugin that helps manage courses, users, embedded videos, file downloads.
tests and certificates. From the plugin you can create course pages with restricted content only for assigned users. You the assign course codes to users. You can use shortcodes to navigate videos courses with added chapters. You may integrate sales with Paypal. Vimeo videos can be editted from pages to add chapters. Review video logs for each user. User can achieve certificates for performed tests. Also, you can link email events to courses and obtain very complet logs from user usage, including which parts of videos are revieweb by users.

Help Mis Cursos Plugin Help

Major features include:

  • Manage Courses and users
  • selected users access course pages with restricted content like embedded Vimeo videos, files to download and Tests.
  • Manage courses with assigned vimeo videos, files, email events, test and certificates.
  • Manage subscriber users, with assigned courses, email and expiration date.
  • List courses. Sort by number of videos, users, level and price.
  • List users. Sort by active users, courses, last logged users
  • Embed Vimeo Video content to courses with anotation chapters (cuepoint).
  • Sell courses by Paypal to subscribers with Login. ( Requires additional plugin)
  • Log automatically new users who pay by paypal.
  • Manage Tests and Questions.
  • Manage Certificates
  • Manage Email Events. You can add email events to courses.
  • Manage demo trial courses.
  • File to download (restricted content).
  • Register user login, download of files, performing test, viewing videos etc
  • Review Vimeo video user logs.
  • Review Tests and Questions
  • Catalan, English, French and Spanish languages

Manage courses. Create, Modify , View and Delete Courses. Each course has an access course code, name, url to the relevant page and a descriptive text. Use shortcodes to restrict acces to page content from unauthorized users and permit access to selected users. Courses are content protected by shortcode in pages created by the admin or directly by Mis Cursos plugin. Use the shortcode [mis_cursos curso=’codigo’] Here add the HTML content or shortcodes like: video, text and links, test shortcodes and file shortcodes [/mis_cursos] In order to show notices to NOT LOGGED users you may use the shortcode [mis_cursos_no_logueado] This content is shown to NO LOGGED users only [/mis_cursos_no_logueado]. The admin menu adds a course list.

Manage users. Create, Modify , View and Delete Users. When a user is created, course codes can be added to his username that permit access to course contents. Course codes are shown in the user profile with links to access to course pages and contents. In addition, the plugin calculates the default Expiration Date as +365 days (setting) added to the current date of last course adquisition. Expiration Date may be modified later. You may not change the User but you may reassign the email, assigned courses and Expiration Date. After a ‘subscribed’ user logs, is redirected to the Initial Page (see My Course settings). In the Initial Page you may show the User Profile , which grants access links to the course pages, and other general information that you want to make available to the user. The admin menu adds a users list.

Add Vimeo video content to courses with chapters. You can use a shortcode to show videos on selected pages. Include video numbers, separated by commas and not the complete URL. Only Vimeo videos codes can be used for the moment. (We recommend to hide the video from Vimeo web and limit display to only your web.) [mis_cursos_videos video = ‘numero1, numero2, numero3’]. You can add identify subjects or chapters inside videos with cue points. You can follow Video Logs to follow susbcribers progression with videos.

Sell courses by Paypal to subscribers with Login. .This plugin is compatible and requires with WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart if you want to sell and add subscribers automatically. If you use WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart you can link any sale by placing the same course CODE inside the selling data text. The email used to buy the course will receive an email from Paypal and an email from Mis Cursos Plugin with subscribing information.

Sales section, permits to inform sales information as price, sales text, level, url page (to show detailed information of the course) and url image. For now there are three levels; basic, medium, advanced. The shortcode [mis_cursos_sales] , shows a list of course info on any page you place it. Courses are ordered by price, alphabetically or by level. You may keep some course on top page and choose which couses are hidden. (See Paypal section.)

Manage test. Create, modify, view and delete tests and its questions. Include a Test in a Page use [mis_cursos_test test=’codigo’]. Test are created for courses but you may create any unrelated test too. Test results for couses appear in users profile. Tests can be

New: includes downloadable PDF certificates integrated with Tests. As soon as all test for a certificate are completed and passed by user, the user can see a download button for its own PDF certificate with its pass marks and name. Certificates can include a logo for footer and header, color background and can include some html text. You can create and edit as many certificates as you need.

Manage demo trial courses. There is a shortcode for demo courses and also for a form for users to susbcribe to a free demo trial course for a short time (24,48, 72 hours trial). The plugin susbtitutes all videos (except the first video) for a susbtitute video of your own.

Restricted File download. Logged users can download files from a not web accessible path. The selected files will be downloaded as single files or a zipped bundle. The files can not be reached by the web path. Only logged users can download the files

Manage Email Events. You may assign one or more email events to any course. Those email events are assigned to users. Users will receive emails on preassigned days.

From release 3.3 there is a new Register functionality that. Registers time and date of User login and loggout, Video display, Download files and some more.

From release 3.3 there is a new User Management functionality to mass delete old users. You select by courses and dates (at least older than one year).

From release 3.3.3 Privacy is completed. Admins can send privacy information to users


This plugin creates several tables in WordPress all of them begin with Wordpess prefix followed by “mis-cursos”. If you uninstall the plugin you can just leave them or drop them using phpMyadmin/ Adminer.

(If you have many users or heavy use you may need to delete contents from “mis_cursos_logs” table periodically.)
Aditionally all subscribers have data in users database and metadata database.
Has settings in options database also but it will do no harm.

Creates also a type post ‘mis_cursos_certifica’ which you may delete after deactivating


Shortcode examples


  • Manage Courses. Creates a Course Page for each Course code.
  • Example Page with Vimeo Video content navigation with chapters (cuepoint)restricted to subscribers.
  • Example Page with File download restricted to subscribers.
  • Manage users acces with Course Codes and expiration date.
  • List subscriber users with login data.
  • Course List. Title and link to Course Page.
  • Sale data to use by Paypal.
  • Video Logs to review Video engagement
  • Edit Tests
  • Edit Questions
  • List Test and Questions
  • Manage a hidden directory for Downloading Files. You can add a list of Files to Course Codes.
  • Manage Email Events. You can ad email events to Courses codes.
  • Settings (part 1)
  • Settings (part 2)


Just use WordPress installation.

Follow instruction on menu admin pages. Use shortcodes in your own pages.

Then you can create an example course and course page and content, like a Vimeo video in 5 minutes and assign course code to a subscriber immediately.

Video (Vimeo), Test, File downloads and events require additional works but you can try them later.

Files download: you may require to create by FTP Client a file on your wordpress server. You will need downloadable files by FTP client like FileZilla. Follow instructions in admin page.

See each section and the plugin settings page for additional information.


None yet.


Апрель 4, 2018-ж.
Yes, this is my own plugin, but as I am the main user since 2011 when internal development began I can rate with quite authority. We sell courses using Paypal payments and automatic creation of users. Embedding Vimeo videos, with some nice features. User have additional Cuepoints to subjects in video. Also you have integrated and restricted download of files. And finally integrated multiple choice simple tests. Additionally, course have email events that permit to automatically send emails to course users. Now also, includes downloadable PDF certificates integrated with Tests. As soon as all test for a certificate are completed and passed, the user can download its own PDF certificate with its pass marks and name. Certificates can include a logo for footer and header, color background and can include some Html text.
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Release 4.81

  • Fix stripe cart customer email
  • Improve help pn Stripe shortcodes
  • Comment some debugging

Release 4.8

  • Fix stripe sessions issue with REST API. Close session.
  • Fix Stripe cart adn inprove comments
  • Stripe functions splitted from two to four files
  • Stripe comments improved
  • Improve video exists function
  • Minor fixes in table

Release 4.7

  • Inprove Course Admin page with a new window to click and select Videos, Events, Tests and Files
  • Improve Videos list

Release 4.6

  • Fix and repair database tax_inc tax_exc in mis_cursos
  • New upload file function from Mis Cursos LMS plugin Admin page
  • Improve Stripe Cart page. Now yo can list paid or unpaid carts and items by date , amount

Release 4.5

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.8.1 release
  • Improve Sales page with CSS Grid for main and flexbox for course container
  • Settings for course levels and number_of_levels
  • Reorder sales php code

Release 4.4

  • Fixes an error in Notice Events. Now a user can effectively dismiss an event.
  • Improve CSS for Test answers

Release 4.3

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.8 release
  • Fix User list. Test ‘Ok’ or ‘Fail’ test info is direct from database

Release 4.1

  • Minor corrections to Course database

Release 4.0

  • This is a major release
  • Adds a checkout Stripe shortcode button that you can place in any page
  • Adds Stripe checkout with credit card payment
  • Adds a cart box in upper right corner
  • Adds a floating extended cart for payments
  • Adds an item payment form for cart
  • Uses cookies to recover cart. Sessions and a database to maintain cart
  • Cart can increase, decrease and dismiss quantity items
  • Improves sales list CSS
  • Modifies Course database adding new fields

Release 3.5.10

  • Minor CSS changes for sales shortcode

Release 3.5.9

  • Improve CSS sales page. New gray design improves usability.
  • Improve information for plugin

Release 3.5.8

  • Improve admin User page
  • Improve admin Course list page. Now checks videos urls exist.
  • Improve admin user list page
  • Add admin videos list page
  • Add admin videos list table populated from courses and logs tables
  • Add some english translations
  • Add some catalan translations
  • Fix create if mis_cursos table exists

Release 3.5.7

  • Fix prefix for plugin tables as ‘mis_cursos’
  • ** This changes names of almost all plugin tables.
  • ** This is a major change!
  • Tested WP up to 3.5.6
  • Improved CSS for Test and Files

Release 3.5.6

  • Add maximum videos box to display charts in video logs
  • Add display charts without repeating views
  • Add display video completion to user
  • Remove auditor functionality
  • Add Notice Event. Notice Event Displays to user before course list and before course content.
  • Add User can delete a notice event.
  • Add register Event deleted

Release 3.5.5

  • Fix Video logs charts, length and completion figures also
  • Remove Modal dialog for Videos
  • Remove commented code
  • Refactor style CSS

Release 3.5.4

  • Fix sales page speed
  • Fix refactor sales page code
  • Fix CDN code uses Jsdeliver instead of Google

Release 3.5.3

  • Fix minor issues
  • New enqueue scripts only in the pages needed
  • New Tested up to 5.5.1

Release 3.5.2

  • Minor script fixes
  • Sales List adds asc/desc buttons and style improvements

= Release 3.5.1

  • Fix shortcode mis_cursos

= Release 3.5

  • Fix text domain must match the slug of the plugin mis-cursos
  • Fix language directory from ‘lang’ to ‘languages’
  • New modal dialog guides user to video navigation
  • New javascript notice in videos
  • Change color to user notices

= Release 3.4.3

  • Fix language domain translations from ‘curso’ to ‘mis-cursos’ ( half of files)
  • Fix error if cuepoints settings is off
  • New notice to require admin to review plugin settings after installing plugin
  • Fix time log for videos according to wp_date
  • Fix Test shortcode outbut buffer

= Release 3.4.1

  • Fix List users page users count for login, active, etc
  • Fix Users Page, User delete created a new ‘test_marks’ user_meta for each deleted user
  • New Clear users page can delete for any course
  • Fix Files page, eliminated replace accents
  • Refactor Video logs functions
  • Fix Video logs page some data
  • Fix Video log page extended and statistics
  • New Video log page User search field

= Release 3.4.0

  • Video logs has a new field for time of display
  • Course settings has now a field for Videos
  • Video shortcode adds a tag for Course (CURSO) which displays all videos for this course
  • New functionality draft in admin page ‘User auditor’ for auditing several users performance

= Release 3.3.18

  • Fix list users count
  • Fix list course for events and price
  • Refactor list users function

= Release 3.3.17

  • Fix SQL for events pending
  • Add send email event capability from user profile
  • Fix delete email event
  • Fix some css related to cuepoints
  • Refactor send email function

= Release 3.3.16

  • Fix release number

= Release 3.3.15

  • Modify Cuepoints with Vimeo player looks more integrated with
  • Modifiy Cuepoint moves to top right inside Vimeo player screent
  • Add Cuepoints shortcode value cuepoints off
  • Fix Cuepoints minor fixes in php , css and js files

= Release 3.3.14

  • Fix wp action for sales list now only is defined if shortcode for sales list is on page
  • Add test save results if user data is visualized by admin.
  • Add test results shown in user list if ara saved previously

= Release 3.3.13

  • Fix event crons
  • Fix sessions colliding with headers sent
  • Delete some log messages
  • Add event admin button to realease pending events (mostly for debugging)

Release 3.3.12

  • Fix javascript sales functionality by corrupted file mis-cursos-lista.js

Release 3.3.11

  • Minor corrections
  • Better info on some settings for Settings page
  • Export / Import data added for course code.

Release 3.3.10

  • Corrected User List
  • Completed english translation
  • Completed catalan translation
  • Tested up to 5.2.3

Release 3.3.9

  • Completed english translation
  • Completed catalan translation
  • Minor improvements for User List, includes count of pending events
  • Delete extra slashes in wp_editor for Events
  • Improved error messages for wp-cron Events
  • Add statistics for video logs
  • Tested up to 5.2.1

Release 3.3.8

  • Remove javascrip warning ‘No sales list available’
  • Added option for sales page conditionally load javascript in sales page
  • Conditionally load in sales page javascript
  • Tested up to : 5.2

Release 3.3.7

  • Added cuepoints of video
  • Fixed Delete cuepoints
  • Fixed Load cuepoints
  • Fixed Cuepoints navigation buttons
  • Navigation buttons dissappear if windows innerwidth is less than 500px
  • Added message number of video displayed /of total number of videos
  • Improved function to check email events
  • New field to select events in events admin page
  • Refactor events functions
  • Refactoring admin user to a new file ‘clear-users’
  • Refactoring list user functions to a new file ‘list-users’
  • List users by one course instead of by combination of several courses
  • List users and display if assigned files, events, test and certificates
  • List courses by number of users

Release 3.3.6

  • Fixed functions for video display for demos
  • Improved course list .
  • ” Display if course is assigned files, events, test and certificates
  • ” Order courses alphabetically by course code
  • ” Order courses by number of users
  • Some minor improvement on Sales documentation

Release 3.3.5

  • Improved Video Chapters (cuepoints):
  • ” Javascript changes. Only some on CSS and PHP
  • ” When a Chapter is clicked a Red arrow indicates chapter on the progress bar
  • ” Chapters / Red arrow hide on video play and show on pause.
  • ” Clear Chapters / Red arrow on window resize and when another video is selected
  • English translations completed

Release 3.3.4

  • Improved CSS for Video Cuepoints (now chapters)
  • Improved JQuery for Video Cuepoints (now chapters)
  • Refactoring PHP for Videos Cuepoints (now chapters)
  • Refactor php several files
  • Improved Debug util functions
  • Improved Admin page for Delete Users


  • Fix PHP compatibility with PHP 7.2.9
  • Some functionality no longer will work with PHP 5.3
  • New EN translations
  • Add Privacy data for users
  • Add Options settings Users per page
  • New Admin menu for Courses and Users
  • Improve Admin Video Log page usability
  • Improve Admin Video Log page Chart drawing speed
  • Improve Admin Course List page
  • Admin User Management now is Clear Users
  • Improve Admin Clear Users page usability
  • Fix Admin Widget now hides from subscribers
  • Fix Demo login
  • Fix certificates
  • Refactor


  • Fix Chart
  • Add button on User List Page for fist page and last page
  • Fixed User List button Next
  • Fixed User List admin page on Expiration Date field.
  • Improved User Management combination of courses. Selector now accepts old unordered courses in dB.
  • Minor corrections


  • Minor corrections


Release December 2018

  • Added responsive CSS to video frame
  • Added new CSS to Video frames
  • Avoid deleting course if assigned to any user
  • Fixed User list functionality
  • Improved User list CSS
  • Added admin page User Management functionality to mass delete old users
  • Added admin page Register
  • Added Register functionality. Registers User login and loggout, Video display, Download files and more
  • Added register display to user
  • Added display of several Video charts at once in Video log admin page
  • Replaced deprecated PHP function create_function

= 3.2.4

Release May 24 2018

  • Added to Settings Page a javascript warning that Certificate setting requires also Test setting
  • Added to Sales list shortcode two new ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons at the bottom of the sales list
  • Tweaking Sales list shortcode with some CSS for top button on hover
  • Added Eraser filter function for Privacy user data (GDPR)
  • Added Exporter filter function for Privacy user data (GDPR)
  • Added to File admin page some information about buttons and files
  • Added to Certificate PDF a ‘day’ tag or date of passing last test for Certificate
  • Fix bug _mievaluacion table timestamp now changes with updated row
  • Improve Video logs
  • Fix bug for Test shortcode


Release May, 10 of 2018

  • New Test shortcode now can select selects test from course dB
  • New import/export of .CSV cuepoints
  • New import/export of .CSV files for test / files / cuepoints can be uploaded by browser from php
  • Improve import/export of .CSV files check user manage options
  • Improve import of .CSV Test file with same import/export format to copy in another system
  • Minor CSS improvements in Video shortcode
  • Fix an error with zero elements in Videos shortcode
  • Fix an error of echo buffering in Test shortcode
  • Improve Next button aligned right in Test shortcode
  • Fix an error with zero elements in Sales shortcode
  • Improve Sales admin page selector shows checked For Sale and Keep on top courses


Release May, 3rd 2018

  • Fixed Sales shortcode search and pages. Now a few courses appear starred at the beginning of first sale page.
  • Modified Video cuepoint navigation with some modifications
  • Added option setting for default user name for automatic user created for demos or from course sales
  • Modify standard Wp User list: course column links to user admin page
  • Improve User profile. Now gives feedback to user when no data is available for Test, Certificates and Events
  • Improve event for user can be deleted from admin user page
  • Added Javascript file mis-cursos-events.js for managing events in admin page
  • Enqueue and Localize Javascript file mis-cursos-events.js
  • Added action hook to load selectivily Javascript file mis-cursos-events.js in User admin page


  • Fixed an error. File Download button dissapeared.
  • Fixed some Typos in Help messages


  • Modify Test embed shortcode. Now can display more than one test in same page.
  • Modify function mis_cursos_create_user. Now can add courses to existing user.
  • New field DNI in User Profile
  • New Certificate can be created and downloaded in PDF
  • New mis-cursos-certificate file
  • New Option settings for Certificates. Including color background, image header and footer
  • New Test field in Course dB
  • New function checks Test field in Course dB
  • New Certificate field in Course dB
  • Fix html error in Test shortcode
  • Fix an html error in File Download shortcode
  • New utilities function
  • New Warning No Sales list available for Sales .js
  • Some sanitize and esc_attr in sales functions
  • Check if sales list is empty
  • Differentiate CSS for keep top elements in sales list


  • Fix error that hides video buttons from subscribers


  • Important Fix mis_cursos_videos_shortcode a session ‘nonce_video’ had an extra space
  • Fix some ‘mscrss’ function prefixes changed to ‘mis-cursos’ prefix
  • Add comments and error log to functions Del, Add and Load video Cuepoints
  • Disable function to Pause video on Mouse Leave


Release date 3 of March 2018

  • Fix Error to create user from paypal buyer
  • Added user course is ordered alphabetically when user is modified.
  • Added Test field in Course dB and Course form page
  • Test available will appear in User Profile with results /or pending
  • Added Export/Import TEST and QUESTIONS
  • Added Export/Import Filenames with its indexes.
  • Added option in reply emails for option settings
  • Added two option settings for email_reply address and reply_email_title
  • Rename functions, trying to improve maintenance
  • Deleted mcrss prefix and changes to mis-cursos
  • Minor tweaks


  • Fix welcome message to new users
  • Fix new error from 3.1.6 wrong database prefix for usermeta
  • Fix new error from 3.1.6 in function mis_cursos_create_user
  • Fix new error from 3.1.6 that produced a warning in options


Release date 15 of december of 2017

  • Added new sentences to french translation
  • Added new sentences to english translation
  • Added new sentences to catalan translation
  • Added setting option for Title of Reply email.
  • Improved display of User Profile (course, test, video completion, events etc)
  • Fix error video log in function mis_cursos_video_log_ajax. Prevented log play/pause/current from video
  • Fix contextual help for admin Course List admin page.


Release date 5 of december of 2017

  • Fix an error in shortcode for videos that prevents users without manage_option to open correctly video course page with video shortcode.
  • Fix user list form and database searching. Now admin can correctly list users by: registered date, logged date and course code.
  • More readable code : replacing some misleading or poorly named function names.
  • Deleted mscrss_ prefix for some functions and replaced by mis_cursos_ prefix. Prevent name conflicts.


  • Added an admin page to Import/ Export file DB . Ids, filenames and paths of files DB as a .CSV file
  • This .CSV file is a way to reuse the same file’s ids on a local server , a copy of production server.
  • Added import tests as *.CSV file. Only imports any number of order ascending questions and 5 answers for each.
  • Added new translations to english.
  • Added new translations to catalan.
  • Some changes to user list to improve code readability. Some functions still missing.


  • Improved stats for video log in admin page and widget. ‘NORMAL’ and ‘EXTENDED’ display.
  • Added WordPress Contextual Help Tabs instead of botton text.
  • Improved catalan translation
  • Improved english translation
  • Improved french translation
  • Video reproduction completion in percentage is shown in User Profile.
  • Video reproduction completion in percentage is shown the admin page Video (log)


  • Added access for admin and editor role to ALL courses pages protected by mis_cursos shortcode
  • Deleted useless code in cursos shortcode function
  • Show DATE in admin pages for subscribers event
  • Fixed error in causing some trimmed course codes from subscribers admin page
  • Some improvements for better maintenance of code
  • Fixed error that prevented inserting new events to users
  • Added {(USER)} {(EMAIL)} {(DATE)} {(TODAY)} {(COURSE)} for email events
  • Added option setting ‘reply-email’ to email events , demo subscription email and other emails instead of a hardcoded one.
  • Added wp_editor to event form. So email events can use now HTML easily.
  • Added French translation
  • Added Catalan translation


  • Release Date – 2 November 2017
  • Corrections to Help text in several admin pages
  • Added a new file mis-cursos-help.php to print a complete Help text easily
  • Many changes in Video javascript, all the following:
  • Fixed an error in Javascript (.js) that invalidated Video logs.
  • Fixed some undefined and NaN errors for debugging in Video js.
  • Added comments to Video js.
  • Reorganization of code in Video Javascript to improve js. maintenance


  • Release Date – 26 October 2017
  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • Added more english translations
  • Fixed issue related to hardcoded template
  • Improved Help in some admin pages
  • Added screenshots to assets directory
  • Adde icon and banner to assets directory

3.0 First release