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Mortgage Calculator is a great value-add for any mortgage loan officer or real estate agent looking to provide good-looking, functional, valuable mortgage content to readers. The execution of this mortgage calculator is superb from the smooth sidebar integration, modal window results and AJAX-based graphs that are incredibly visually appealing. It’s a great little loan application that delivers a lot of mortgage value in a user-friendly and well-executed way.


Use the mortgage/loan shortcodes on different pages:


specify default mortgage values:

[mlcalc calculator="mortgage" size="narrow" price="125,000" rate="6.2" language="es" currency="eur"]

Languages included: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Albanian.

WordPress Mortgage Loan Calculator Plugin


  • The Mortgage Calculator front-end, as it appears in your WordPress Sidebar.
  • The Mortgage Calculation Summary and Chart, as it appears when a visitor clicks the Calculate button.
  • The Mortgage Calculator configuration dialog, as it appears within WordPress Administration Interface.


  1. Upload the mortgage-loan-calculator directory (including all files within) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the mortgage calculator plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


  • If you are using widgets, just add the Mortgage Calculator to the sidebar through the Appearance -> Widgets -> Mortgage Calculator menu in WordPress.
  • Add the following code: <?php display_mlcalc(); ?> to your template where you would like the mortgage loan calculator form to appear.
  • Add the shortcode [mlcalc] to your page or post and configure default mortgage parameters.

Shortcode mortgage and loan parameters

  • calculator = mortgage | loan | mortgage_only | loan_only
  • size = wide | narrow
  • currency = usd | eur | gbp | CUSTOM
  • rate = ‘{interest rate}’
  • price = ‘{purchase price}’
  • mterm = ‘{mortgage term in years}’
  • down = ‘{down payment in %%}’
  • tax = ‘{property tax}’
  • insurance = ‘{property insurance}’
  • pmi = ‘{pmi in %%}’
  • amount = ‘{loan amount}’
  • lterm = ‘{loan term in years}’
  • schedule = month | year | month_nc | year_nc | none (_nc stands for “no choice” for visitor)
  • language = en | de | es | fr | it | pt | ru

Shortcode examples

[mlcalc calculator="mortgage_only"]
[mlcalc calculator="mortgage" size="narrow" price="125,000" rate="6.2" language="es" currency="eur"]


May I use your widget on my commercial website

Yes. Absolutely.


Февраль 20, 2017-ж.
The most convenient calculator we tested with an incredibly beautiful graphics, and tables, as well as support for multiple languages. The only wish – to make a modal window for adaptive screens of smartphones. Many thanks to the author for his work!
Сентябрь 3, 2016-ж.
Remove lender ads, or at least make it optional. There are better ideas to monetize your plugin. Functionality and display have been fantastic. Happy to update rating if removed. I’ve used the plugin for 5 years and recommended it to hundreds of clients. They’re now very upset with me…
Сентябрь 3, 2016-ж. 1 reply
I have used this calculator on many sites. It was perfect until a recent update – now it includes ads for other lender rates in the payment calculation results. This is real bad for mortgage companies that use this calculator. Is there a way to remove this, or can we get a paid version with NO AD’S ? I would be happy to change my review if we can just get this calculator back to the way it used to be!!
Февраль 8, 2017-ж.
This is my requirements, kindly fix this using your plugin. If you fix my requirements how much cost for you?
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