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Met Sales Countdown- All‑in‑one FOMO plugin for WooCommerce

Met Sales Countdown- All‑in‑one FOMO plugin for WooCommerce


Want to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among customers with an appealing countdown timer? Met Sales Countdown is your ultimate solution for creating a sense of urgency and boosting sales on your WooCommerce website. This sale countdown timer plugin ensures an effortless way to set timers on different product types and facilitates a wide range of styling options.

Intuitive Interface

Met Sales Countdown timer plugin ensures a streamlined navigation that contributes an effective and user-friendly interface to easily set up a countdown timer campaign. You can simply define the campaign duration and select style. Further, assigning to the targeted products is also easy. And, this WooCommerce sale countdown timer plugin allows you to set the position of the countdown timer. You just need to select the location of your choice from the dropdown.

Real-time Preview

You can see the visual impact of the customization of the countdown timer with this best WooCommerce sale countdown timer plugin. For example, you don’t have to go to the live page to see what a separator looks like on a countdown timer. All the changes are visible right from your eyes.


Met Sales countdown timer plugin is fully compatible with all the WooCommerce functionalities. Plus, it raises no conflicts with other WordPress plugins.

Key Features of Met Sales Plugin

🔷 Show Campaign Message: Show a creative campaign message to attract visitors to make the purchase instantly.

🔷 Show Campaign Title: Enrich your campaign with an appealing title on the countdown timer.

🔷 Different Date & Time Formats: Choose from various date and time formats to suit your campaign duration.

🔷 Set Campaign Duration: You can easily set campaign duration with a calendar view and easily change hour & minute.

🔷 Select Separator: you can select from different separator types like Colon, Slash, Dash, and Bar. Also, you can choose to show no separator between time and date.

🔷 Display in Single Products: You can make a countdown timer of an exclusive offer for a particular product.

🔷 Display in Loop Products: Showcase discounts countdown timer in a list of products on your WooCommerce store.

🔷 Display in Product Category: A countdown timer can be set on a particular product category, meaning you can easily add a countdown timer with a wide range of products in no time.

🔷 Countdown Timer Positioning: Show the urgency anywhere on your e-commerce site. You can choose to locate the countdown timer before or after add to cart, before or after the price, and before or after the sale flash.

🔷 Campaign Conditions: This countdown timer plugin has settings to create scenarios to show or not show products based on single or loop products.

🔷 Add Stock Status Bar: Show the product information by including a stock status bar alongside the countdown timer.

🔷 Show Message with Stock Status Bar: Enhance the urgency of the campaign by showing a message about the stock status.

🔷 Stock Status Bar Position: Show the stock status bar in different locations like before or after craft, and before or after price.

🔷 Stock Status Bar Style: Although the free users can only show the default stock bar status the pro users can choose from another 5 different eye-catching styles like bar or circle status.


Prerequisite: Met Sales Countdown for WooCommerce. Therefore make sure to install both WooCommerce before you can install Met Sales Countdown.

Installation Process->1: Go to the WordPress Dashboard➔Plugins➔Add New➔Search for “Met Sales Countdown”➔Install and Activate it.


Step->1: Unzip the Met Sales Countdown Folder if it is Zipped➔Upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Step->2: After successful installation, just go to Installed Plugins➔click on the “activate” button to activate Met Sales Countdown.

Step->3: All Settings will be found in the Sales Timer menu.


What is Met Sales Countdown Timer?

Met Sales is a robust solution to easily add an intuitive and appealing countdown timer to your WooCommerce products.

Does Met Sales work with WooCommerce?

Yes, Met Sales is developed to add an attractive countdown timer to your WooCommerce products. It properly functions with all the WooCommerce features.

Is the Met Sales countdown timer customizable?

Yes, Met Sales facilitates different styling options to customize the appearance of the countdown timer plugin.

Can I show the countdown timer with multiple products?

Yes, with the Met Sales plugin, you can display the countdown timer with multiple products or loop products.

What are the Required Plugins to Use Met Sales Countdown?

Met Sales Countdown requires WooCommerce plugin to be installed in WordPress.


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Contributors & Developers

“Met Sales Countdown- All‑in‑one FOMO plugin for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 1.0.5 – 07/07/2024
* Improved: Discount options for campaign feature.
* Improved: Countdown timer option for single product page.
* Improved: Stock status progress bar in the single product page.
* Fixed: Product category selecting issue for campaign setting.
* Fixed: Countdown timer not showing for variable product.

Version 1.0.4 – 21/05/2024
* Fixed: Global prefix issue

Version 1.0.3 – 19/05/2024
* Fixed: Toastr and Select2 libraries issue

Version 1.0.2 – 03/01/2024
* Fixed: Security issue

Version 1.0.1 – 19/12/2023
* New: Stock status progress bar
* Improved: Security

Version 1.0.0
* Initial release



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