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Accept eCheck Payments for WooCommerce – Verify and Accept eChecks Online Today!

Accept eCheck Payments for WooCommerce – Verify and Accept eChecks Online Today!


The SeamlessChex and WooCommerce plugin is a powerful integration that brings together the features and capabilities of SeamlessChex, an online payment processing platform, with WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce platform built on WordPress. This plugin enables seamless payment processing and enhances the functionality of online stores using WooCommerce.

SeamlessChex is a payment processing solution that specializes in e-check and ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments. By integrating with the WooCommerce platform, this plugin allows businesses to offer their customers the convenience of paying via electronic checks, thereby expanding the range of payment options available.

Key features and benefits of the SeamlessChex and WooCommerce plugin include:

  1. eCheck and ACH Payments: The plugin enables businesses to accept electronic check payments directly through their WooCommerce-powered online stores. This provides customers with an alternative to credit card payments and expands the potential customer base.

  2. Streamlined Checkout Experience: The integration simplifies the checkout process by seamlessly incorporating the payment options provided by SeamlessChex into the WooCommerce checkout page. Customers can select eCheck (unverified) or US bank (verified) as a payment method and complete their transactions smoothly.

  3. Automated Payment Management: The plugin automates the payment management process, reducing manual effort and streamlining operations.

  4. Compatibility and Integration: The plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce platform, ensuring compatibility with existing store setups and extensions. It allows businesses to leverage the wide range of WooCommerce features and extensions while incorporating SeamlessChex’s specialized payment processing capabilities.

In summary, the SeamlessChex and WooCommerce plugin combines the strengths of SeamlessChex’s e-check and ACH payment processing with the popular WooCommerce e-commerce platform. It provides businesses with a comprehensive payment solution, expanded payment options, enhanced security, and streamlined operations. With this integration, merchants can create a seamless and convenient checkout experience for their customers while efficiently managing their payment processes.

Payment Verification: SeamlessChex offers cutting-edge bank account verification technology powered by Plaid. Enhance security and combat fraud, while simultaneously reducing returns and chargebacks.

eCheck Processing: Seamlessly accept payments via routing and account number or authenticated Plaid login & next-day deposits. This serves as an ideal ACH alternative, ensuring instant approval and expedited next-day funding, all without the hassle of credit checks or lengthy contracts.

Chat / Phone / Email Support: We offer in-house sales and technical support services, accessible through online chat, phone, and email channels. Our support team is available during the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Documentation: Please review our comprehensive plugin documentation.

Privacy and Terms: Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Usage Instructions

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin on your site, you’ll need to go through a simple and quick setup.

Most of the plugin’s default configuration values will work for you. Basically you need to enter your SeamlessChex API keys in the plugin settings menu.

Go to the Settings menu of the SeamlessChex plugin and configure your API credentials.

You will need a SeamlessChex account to complete the general setup of this plugin. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to create one here before proceeding – it’s fast and there is no credit card required.

  • Go to the “SeamlessChex” plugin menu.
  • You will see the “General settings” page section. In this section you will need to enter the WooCommerce Consumer Keys and SeamlessChex API Secret Keys. (These can be found in your API settings of your SeamlessChex account here).
  • Select the live mode option if you are ready to run live payments.
  • Save the changes you have made by clicking the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of the settings page.
  • Go to the WooCommerce Settings page and enable new SeamlessChex payment method.

You can now see the new SeamlessChex payment method at checkout. In addition, you can view all received eChecks on the SeamlessChex Dashboard.

WordPress Cron should be configured.


  • Installed SeamlessChex plugin
  • General settings
  • Activate additional payment methods with just a few clicks
  • New payment method on the checkout page
  • SeamlessChex API Secret Keys


Set Up Instructions:

Upon downloading and installing the plugin on your WordPress site, follow these simple steps to set up SeamlessChex:

To set up this plugin, you must have a SeamlessChex account. If you don’t have one yet, you can quickly create an account here before you continue.

To download the WordPress SeamlessChex plugin, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official WordPress store by clicking here

  2. On the WordPress store page, locate the plugin and click on the “Download” button.

  3. Save the plugin file to your local computer.


The SeamlessChex plugin is designed to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Ensure that your WordPress installation is up to date to ensure seamless integration with the SeamlessChex plugin.


To use the SeamlessChex plugin, your WordPress version must be 4.7 or later. Please ensure that your WordPress installation meets this requirement before proceeding with the plugin installation.

By following these steps and meeting the compatibility and requirements, you can successfully download and install the SeamlessChex plugin on your WordPress website.

WordPress x SeamlessChex Plugin Installation

Option 1:

To install the WordPress SeamlessChex plugin, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin dashboard.

  2. Click on the “Plugins” tab.

  3. Click the “Add New” button.

  4. In the search box, type “SeamlessChex” to find the plugin.

  5. Locate the SeamlessChex plugin in the search results.

  6. Click the “Install” button next to the plugin.

  7. Once the installation is complete, click the “Activate” button to activate the plugin.

Option 2:

If you have the SeamlessChex plugin file ready, you can install it using the following steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin dashboard.

  2. Click on the “Plugins” tab.

  3. Click the “Add New” button.

  4. Select the “Upload” tab.

  5. Click the “Browse” button and locate the SeamlessChex plugin file on your computer.

  6. Select the plugin file and click “Install Now.”

  7. Once the installation is complete, click the “Activate” button to activate the plugin.

By following these steps, you can easily install and activate the WordPress SeamlessChex plugin on your website.

Please review our comprehensive plugin documentation here


Do I need a US bank account?

Yes, a US business checking account is required for all SeamlessChex accounts.

What documents are required?

EIN Letter, Drivers License, Last month’s bank statement, Voided Check.

When will I get my funds?

As fast as same day to as long as 2 days after a check has been entered.

How can I process a refund?

If the check has not been processed you will be able to cancel up until the batch closes.
If the check has already been processed you can send a refund by sending a check using Paynote.

How can I cancel a check?

You are able to cancel a check before your batch closes in the SeamlessChex portal.


Июль 20, 2023-ж.
if you’re looking for Seamless Chex reviews – here’s mine – they are terrible! i cancelled in March, after realizing we had an active subscription even though we never used their service. they are still billing my credit card even though they sent me “confirmation” that my account was cancelled. they were still hitting my credit card in June for like 400% the normal monthly price???? now its july and they changed it to some other random price and hit my credit card AGAIN.wtf Do not trust these people with your payment processing, let alone your billing info.This isn’t just the money. Its a huge headache and waste of time trying to get them to delete my card info and actually cancel my account.
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Contributors & Developers

“Accept eCheck Payments for WooCommerce – Verify and Accept eChecks Online Today!” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Stable version


  • Update according to the API changes


  • The ability to automatically update the order status has been added
  • Added the ability to cancel a eCheck through the order control panel


  • Improved correlation between the plugin and portal
  • The status errors have been fixed
  • Order noted for tracking purporses have been added
  • The option to enable recurring payments has been implemented
  • The Cron for the statuses sync has been added
  • The option to enable and customize email notification has been added
  • Some text changes were made to improve the overall experience of using the plugin


  • If Company Name field is entered, then it will appear on the account holder line on the check
  • Fixed the issue with failed transactions in Sandbox mode


  • Fixed the issue with failed transactions


  • fixed incorrect order status
  • fixed “duplicate check” error


  • improved stability


  • fixed functional


  • email “Pending Order” bug fix


  • “New Order” email fixed


  • Create subscription


  • The user is now able to configure the payment methods in plugin settings (One Time Payment, Recurring payment, Monthly Subscriptions)
  • The client will be able to see which method payment is selected in the checkout page)


  • Text updates
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added CheckoutJS functionality


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixes bug for version PHP 8


  • Cron sequence updates. Plugin optimization improvements.
  • Order sorting functionality reworked, when updating order statuses.


  • Fixes bug for order