Peach Payments Gateway


The Peach Payments ( extension for WooCommerce is an African payment gateway that allows merchants to access various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, BNPL (buy now, pay later), QR codes, vouchers, and mobile and electronic wallets.


  • Secure card storage
  • Card payments, EFT, Mobicred, ZeroPay, Payflex, Scan to Pay, Apple Pay, 1Voucher, PayPal, and M-PESA
  • Fully supports WooCommerce Subscriptions, if purchased separately
  • 3-D Secure ready
  • PCI compliant


  • A Peach Payments merchant account
  • A WooCommerce store

Countries supported

  • South Africa
  • Kenya
  • Mauritius

Sign up with Peach Payments

Contact Peach Payments at to set up a merchant account for your company or website.
Peach Payments is there to assist you in the application process with the respective banks. Note: The merchant account application process may take up to four weeks depending on the bank. Get in touch as soon as possible to avoid delays going live.

It’s free, and always will be

We are firm believers in open source, which is why we’re releasing the WC Peach Payments Gateway plugin for free, forever.

Actively developed

The WC Peach Payments Gateway plugin is actively developed. New features and enhancements are added based on your feedback.

Testing the payment gateway

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Peach Payments.
  2. Enable Peach Payments.
  3. Set the Transaction Mode to Integrator Test.
  4. Add the payment methods that you want to enable. Ensure that have requested Peach Payments to set you up for these.
  5. Enter Peach Payments test access credentials that you received from Peach Payments support. For card payments: Access Token and 3DSecure Channel ID (and Recurring Channel ID for card storage.)** For other payment methods, also add the Secret Token.
  6. To optionally enable webhooks, ask Peach Payments to set up your webhook by providing them with your domain URL.
  7. Save the changes.

You would have received these credentials after signing up with Peach Payments. If you only received one **3D-Secure Channel ID, please repeat this value in the Channel ID field.

Sandbox testing

Test the payment gateway by purchasing a product on your website using the Peach Payment test cards. The test card numbers provided can be used to test the various components of your integration.

Peach Payments test cards

Note: Depending on the country that you do business in, different card associations might be available to you. Please contact Peach Payments if you need assistance.

Number: 4111111111111111
Expiry: Any future date (MM/YY)
Verification: 123

Number: 5105105105105100
Expiry: Any future date (MM/YY)
Verification / CVV: 123

American Express
Number: 311111111111117
Expiry: Any future date (MM/YY)
Verification / CVV: 123

Number: 4242424242424242
Expiry: Any future date (MM/YY)
Verification / CVV: 123

Number: 5454545454545454
Expiry: Any future date (MM/YY)
Verification / CVV: 123

Live mode

  1. After testing the gateway with the Peach Payment test cards, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Peach Payments > Setup/manage.
  2. Set the Transaction Mode to Live.
  3. Replace your test access credentials with your live access credentials that you received from Peach Payments. If you only received one 3D-Secure Channel ID, please repeat this value in the Channel ID field.
  4. Save the changes.


  • Woocommerce Peach Payments plugin card widget page
  • Woocommerce Peach Payments plugin my account stored cards
  • Woocommerce Peach Payments plugin checkout page card option
  • Woocommerce Peach Payments plugin configuration page
  • Woocommerce Peach Payments plugin Checkout page


  1. Log in to your WordPress website (
  2. Navigate to Plugins and select Add New.
  3. Search for Peach Payments in the plugin search bar to find WooCommerce Peach Payments Gateway.
  4. When the installation is complete, activate your plugin.

Setup and Configuration

After setting up your merchant account with Peach Payments, you receive test and live access credentials. Insert these credentials into the Peach Payments gateway settings page in the WooCommerce settings. Use your test credentials for testing prior to going live.


What does this plugin do?

A payment gateway integration between WooCommerce and Peach Payments, it enables you as an online merchant or business to collect payments from your customers securely on your website. Your customers can pay on their Internet-connected smartphone, laptop, tablet, or computer and you receive the funds.

Why am I getting a message about SSL not being enabled?

Peach Payments does not require an SSL certificate to be installed on your website for payments to be accepted. The Peach Payments card acceptance widget is secured independently of your website. However, we do strongly recommend that you secure your site with an SSL certificate to ensure that your customer has trust in submitting a transaction.

Do I need to obtain PCI compliance in order to accept payments with Peach Payments?

Peach Payments is PCI compliant and adheres to the latest security requirements to securely process payments worldwide. When using the WC Peach Payments plugin, you do not need to obtain your own PCI compliance certificate.

Why am I unable to process credit or debit card payments with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, or another card type?

If a particular card brand is not working, ensure that you have enabled it using the Supported Cards field in the WooCommerce Checkout Settings for Peach Payments. Some card brands require additional configuration and applications (for example, American Express and Diners), and are therefore not available by default when setting up your Peach Payments account. Contact our support team to enable these cards for your website.

Where can I report bugs or contribute to the project?

Bug reports and contributions can be sent to

What are the server requirements for running the WC Peach Payments Gateway plugin?

Your WordPress website needs to be running PHP version 8.0 or higher in order to make use of the Peach Payments plugin.

How do I differentiate recurring payments from one-time payments?

In the WooCommerce backend, there is a separate tab for subscriptions orders (Woocommerce > Subscriptions). Recurring orders are attached to this subscription order as renewal orders. When looking at the Peach Payments merchant dashboard, one-time payments only have a DB (debit) line item per order. Click the DB (debit) transaction and go to the Actions tab. If you see an RG (Registration) label, it is a subscription or stored card payment.

Additionally, you can click the RG to see all payments made on this specific stored card.

How do we make sure people get payment confirmations?

WooCommerce order emails are configured to be sent to the site administrator and the customer. For every successful transaction, Peach Payments delivers a confirmation to WooCommerce which triggers the necessary notification emails by WooCommerce. To check your WordPress settings, go to Woocommerce > Settings > Emails.

For more payment confirmation email support, visit the WooCommerce documentation.

If I refund or reverse a transaction through the WordPress dashboard, is the customer successfully reimbursed?

Yes, refunds through the WordPress dashboard reimburse the customer successfully.

How do I see how much I have collected from sales with Peach Payments?

Your sales and revenue figures are available in your WooCommerce order reports.

You can also view your payments in the Peach Payments merchant dashboard. This balance reflects your revenue net of refunds.

What should the status be in WooCommerce when I receive a payment?

Information on different order statuses can be found in the WooCommerce documentation.

For physical products, order status stays in “Processing”.
For digital, virtual, or downloadable products, order status is “Completed”.
For subscriptions, a subscription order is created and set to “Active” if the customer is up to date on payments and renewal orders.

Please always rely on WooCommerce documentation for order status information.


Август 25, 2022-ж.
The Peach Payments Gateway plugin has been amazing from the start. It is the only payment solution gateway that provides an easy and efficient 'Copy and pay' API integration to accept card payments directy via your store's checkout pages, without the need of redirecting to a hosted payment page that most payment providers offer as their only solution. We also love that when a specific payment method fails for a customer then the customer immediately gets redirected to other available methods without the customer dropping off the transaction. Keep up the great work Team Peach Payments!
Июль 21, 2022-ж. 2 replies
Every single time this plugin updates, it breaks on subscriptions. Absolute garbage from a payment provider. I cannot believe they also do not have all versions available on WP Rollback which means if you are lucky enough to get a working version of the plugin then you need to keep it safe as gold because you WONT get it on the rollback. Can't believe these guys are actually running a business with service like this.
Read all 2 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Peach Payments Gateway” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Enhancements – All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin support
  • Enhancements – Custom order status support
  • Update – Error Logging
  • Fix – Custom order notes will not be emailed to clients


  • Enhancements – Billing Address character limit based on new 3DS 2.0 on .JS Widget
  • Fix – Order_id reference fix on hosted payments page webhooks


  • Enhancements – Checkout for Woo-commerce plugin support
  • Enhancements – Mix basket processing
  • Enhancements – Additional billing parameters to support 3DS 2.0
  • Fix – Webhook handling
  • Fix – SSL handling function


  • Enhancements – Express Checkout for Woocommerce plugin support.
  • Fix – Undefined variable “seqOrderID”
  • Fix – Manual Orders not showing Payment Widgets


  • Enhancements – Access and secret token validation
  • Enhancements – Update on guests users payment flow
  • Enhancements – Stored card display in the user dashboard
  • Enhancements – Improvements in .JS widget design for stored card payments
  • Enhancements – Check when card items amount is 0
  • Fix – Code conflict causing php errors


  • Fix – SSL check for PHP7.4
  • Fix – Subscription payments for orders made on older version (v2) of the plugin.
  • Fix – Hosted Payments Page Webhook.
  • Enhancements – Include current Peach Payments plugin version number in API responses.
  • Enhancements – Cards saved on older version of the plugin will now be available.
  • Enhancements – CleanTalk plugin compatibility.


  • Enhancements – Peach Logs added to WooCommerce


  • Enhancements – In plugin update message.
  • Update – Webhook Order Status.
  • Update – Conditional display for card payment options.
  • Fix – Incorrect Payment Brand Saved.


  • Enhancements – Code improvements apon live checkout.


  • Fix – PHP parse error causing critical error on plugin activation.
  • Fix – Live and Sandbox result codes.


  • Fix – Theme Conflict – duplicate function names.


  • Fix – Updated payment method branding and names.
  • Fix – Elementor page builder compatibility.
  • Fix – Support for multi-currency plugins.
  • Fix – Support for WordPress membership Plugin.
  • Enhancements – Subscription functionality.
  • Enhancements – Ability to do refunds via WordPress backend.
  • Enhancements – Plugin UI and admin re-design.
  • Enhancements – Optimisation for mobile.
  • Enhancements – Code cleanup and better coding standards.
  • Enhancements – WordPress Multi Site Support.
  • Enhancements – Version Rollback Functionality.
  • Enhancements – Support for AutomateWoo plugin.
  • Enhancements – Scrubill plugin compatibility.
  • Enhancements – Support for Woo-commerce eGift Card plugin.
  • Security – Improved way on how card details are stored and used.
  • Security – SSL Checks.