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Welcome & Overview video

YEAH i did it: Recorded me in a Live webinar

feedback please…

Quick start Evergreen in under 15 minutes

See Dave´s webinar story with an happy end

Custom Support Reviews, the other way of introducing Webinar Plugin for WordPress – WebinarIgnition

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For high conversions, the unlimited CTAs (Call-to-Actions) are inside the webinar

Inside webinar converts much better and more often, than the button leading to an external page. Compare this with an external sales agency and an in-house sales team. To see CTA details: Right click link and open in new tab

See the in webinar CTAs here (please right click and open in new tab)

CTA loading issues? Load all plugins/shortcodes in CTAs (please right click and open in new tab)

To keep the design the people trust, build all your webinar pages in your page builder

and add the webinar functionality via shortcodes (placeholder). Select the custom page and WebinarIgnition replace the default pages. To see design details: Right click link and open in new tab

Scale up your income with a fully marketing automation integration

Use webhooks (on register, attended, purchased) to send user data to any CRM, service to include WebinarIgnition into your complete marketing. To see webhooks details: Right click link and open in new tab

To ensure known user registered when clicked a link (in a mail ect.), use less click registration

to skip registration page and redirect user directly to the thank you page, webinar page, … To see integration details: Right click link and open in new tab

You like to receive before giving?

We start giving by offering free setup service and also we want to know you better in the free appointments. See available dates: Right click link and open in new tab

Get know quickly & free if the webinar solution is the right for you and use all features for free

Opt-in to the free version to get more registration, up to 500 registrations for free are possible per month.

For more webinar success book your free 1:1 setup appointment now. Bring in all your questions and requirements

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See what you get, in the hands on overview (01-2022)

Quick start evergreen webinar the WordPress way (08-2022)

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To get ideas, examples for your own webinars visit updated evergreen demo pages please

Content of the page

  • Quick start video
  • Unique features
  • Ultimate features
  • Unique Call-to-Actions
  • Evergreen DEMO
  • Tutorials
  • Best Webinar platform to start with all ultimate features

What makes WebinarIgnition services so unique

  • Add any action INSIDE the webinar room above video or in the sidebar
  • Build custom webinar pages with shortcodes
  • Implement any functionality by plugin shortcode
  • Restricted white-labeled host & supporter areas
  • Any language possible, German, English included
  • Nice styled email reminders
  • Comprehensive SMTP settings and spamyness test

WebinarIgnition Ultimate Features

  • Multiple Call-to-Actions to boost sales in Evergreen/Automated and Live Webinars
  • Add webinar functionality to your design and layout with webinar shortcodes. Use your own page builder like Thrive themes, Elementor, Oxygen, OptimizePress, Beaver page builder, Avada, Enfold, flatsome, Pootlepress build-in editors.
  • Modern webinar room with flexible sidebar
  • 2-way Q&A chat system: multi-staff, hosts (Live webinars only at the moment)
  • White Label the Webinar Console for staff and hosts
  • Lock-out later comers and redirect them
  • Unlimited & flexible evergreen dates & times (From instant to once a week
  • Social sharing buttons & icons
  • and much much more…

See innovative, unique Call-to-Action (CTA)

which keep visitor in action, INSIDE the webinar and boost your conversions

See CTA KnowledgeBase article

Evergreen & Automated Webinar/Seminar DEMO

See own styled webinar registration page, multiple Call-to-Actions in modern webinar room with tabs and more …
Go to the Evergreen & Auto Webinar Demo

Webinar’s User features (features that webinar’s attendees see)

  • Multiple Email & Text Message (SMS) Reminders

  • Q&A section integrated and third-party Q&A / 2-way chat support

  • Add to Calendar allows users to add the event to their Google Calendars once they have registered for the webinar

  • “On-Air Message” allows you to push any Call to Action onto your live webinar page when you are ready. Perfect for when you are pitching your product. Push a CTA button or push any HTML or Plugin Short that you would like. That lets users do shopping, polls, appointments etc. inside webinar, live stream or online video call

  • Fully translatable (language), fully localised (date&time format)

Machine translated (DeepL):

  • es_ES, Spanish (Spain)
  • es_MX, Spanish (Mexico)
  • fr_FR, French (France)
  • hi_IN, Hindi (India) NEW
  • HR, Croatian (Croatia) NEW
  • it_IT, Italian (Italy)
  • JA, Japanese (Japan)
  • nl_NL, Dutch (Netherland)
  • pt_BR, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • ru_RU, Russian (Russia)
  • UK , Ukrainian (Ukraine)
  • zh_CN, Chinese (China)
  • hu_HU Hungarian,
  • tr_TR, Turkish


  • UR , Urdu (Pakistan and India) (!) site needs to be english
  • More machine translations for free on request via chat

Hand translated:

  • us_US, English (default)
  • de_DE, German informal (NOT SIE) (used for all german speaking countries)

Admin features

  • Customizable Registration, Confirmation, & Live Pages (Free)
  • Add the webinar features via shortcodes to your designed pages (Ultimate)
  • Embed any video feed such as Youtube Live, Facebook LiveStream and Ustream into your Live Webinar Page.
  • Embed any call- and meeting feed such as Zoom meetings, Jitsi Meet, into your Live Webinar Page.

  • Sales and Conversion Tracking with provided tracking script (Live console).

  • Integrate with any email auto-responder including top providers like GetResponse, Aweber, iContact, SendReach, Mautic and MailChimp.
    For German speakers we offer a full Webinar integration with KlickTipp via WP2LEADS, see more in the FAQ below.
    see more in the FAQ below.)
    see more in FAQ below. only #)

  • “Live Console” to easily manage your webinar or stream as it is happening.
    Monitor the number of attendees in your webinar or video conference calls in real-time (only live), total users,
    total sales/revenue, see and answer questions, export, import (only live) leads and more!

  • Paid Online or Recorded Webinars/Seminars/Streams: Host and charge your registrants a fee to attend one of your webinars, streams, live Q&As, video conferences and more. Integrates with virtually any payment gateway.

  • 1-Click Registration: Register 100% of your subscribers for a live webinar with the click of a link. As soon as someone clicks a link in your email, it will automatically register them for your webinar event.
    Usage example: Register your paid clients directly from your email provider after receiving payments notification inside your email provider.
    Evergreen 1-Click Registration on request.

Overview video

Video is some years old, a lot redone and ultimate features added since the beginning of 2021 are not included 😉

Tutorials – Clear & Easy Instructions

Use Jitsi Meet and Zoom Meetings, Zoom Calls and Live Webinars inside WebinarIgnition and you can:

  • get email address for webinar content,
  • send email reminders, notifications
  • track and engage with your audience & potential leads
  • convert more with inside webinar custom Call-To-Actions (More sales, more appointments, more referrers, …).

Lots of useful tutorials, solution videos & more (right click and open in new window please)

See all changes here

Join the community of successful webinar marketers by buy your license on website or
for easy license activation, buy directly inside the plugin please.


  • Webinar Registration page designed with own page builder (elementor) and the WebinarIgnition registration shortcode (Registration in PopUp or inside page)
  • Webinar Registration Page (mobile responsive, 3 default layouts, style settings available)
  • Webinar confirmation page (1 of 3 default styles), shortcodes to design your own available
  • Modern webinar room template & sidebar with unlimited tabs and flexible tab content
  • Modern webinar room template with default CTA Button which opens an external page!
  • Modern webinar room with unlimited Call-to-Actions in a video overlay, inside the webinar!
  • Webinar default Page
  • 2 CTAs with a poll - add plugin output here
  • 2 CTAs with a poll - mobile view - add any shortcode here
  • Add external payment gateways - mobile view - like Freemius, WooCommerce
  • Sent recorded and live webinar reminders beautifully
  • Compare Level and Typ to see what fits best for you


  1. Upload the WebinarIgnition folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Why choose webinar WordPress plugins compared to an external webinar service?

Plattform webinar features comparison:

  • Unlimited webinars* : Limited webinars
  • Unlimited attendees* : Limited attendees
  • Unlimited duration* : Limited duration
  • Pay one price : Pay for what you may use
  • Any language : Only the language offered
    (We help you with free DeepL translation)
  • All in one place : Webinar hosted by a proprietary platform
    (Make a backup and take your whole online business copy with you)
  • Do your own design : Only the design offered
    (Add webinar functionality inside your design)
  • Do it your way : Only the functionality offered
    (Extend webinar pages with any of the 59.812 free and open-source plugins Please hold STRG/CMD and click to open in a new tab)

With webinar WordPress plugins you are part of the unlimited and beautiful WordPress ecosystem which powers more than 41% of all websites (Please hold STRG/CMD and click to open in a new tab).
What to choose: A proprietary webinar platform or an easy and flexible platform? I would feel adventurous, open and choose one of the webinar WordPress plugins.
I am happy to choose WordPress in 2014 and built two growing businesses on it. A herbal shop and a webinar WordPress plugin business.

*Only the server which getting cheaper and cheaper is the limit. We working on a solution to take also this load from you.

How is webinar marketing automation working with WebinarIgnition?

The to show you how webinar marketing automation is working by telling the possible customer story: User brought by ads sign up through webinar registration, will be reminded before and on the webinar date. During registration, the user is also added to your e-mail marketing provider, with all the details from the registration form. In webinars, you can show the webinar attendee unlimited actions, like polls, sales offers or appointments they can book. You can nearly use any of the free https://wordpress.org/plugins/. If you have more than this in mind for your webinar marketing automation then tell us your needs here in the chat

I do not see the Account page, what should i do?

On the WebinarIgnition dashboard page, click Opt-in to see the account button in top right corner, on next page click Allow & Continue button. After this, your account page will be available under WebinarIgnition menu.

I bought freemius license, but license still not upgraded. How to get my plugin upgraded?

  • Please check your mail box. After you bought a license, you need to activate the new version via email link.
  • In some cases if the previous step doesn’t activate the license you’ve purchased, visit Account page under Webinarignition menu. You will find there all your license info. Click Sync link, to update info and fix the license issue.
  • Also you can do it by clicking Activate license link under the WebinarIgnition title on Plugins page and add your license sent via email.
  • Change the email address to match with the buyer email address and see the bought license
    Go to account and in the line of the email please click “edit” and follow the global message for details see this video:

How do users join to my webinar or video conference?

Via custom link to your video conference or webinar. You can also share your link via email and social media platforms.

Do I have to create a separate page for the video meeting or can I implement it on any page?

The choice is yours, you can add it with shortcodes to an already existing page or post, or you can create a completely new page/post.

Is the plugin compatible with any WordPress theme?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme. Install it, activate it and enjoy the perfect performance.

Am I able to manage my webinar or video conference users?

Yes, you have a Live Console dashboard inside your WordPress site. Complete control and management of your users and attendees.

How quickly can I get to start hosting the video conference?

Just activate the plugin on your website and get started within minutes.

Does the plugin support Gutenberg and Elemento, Divi builders?

Yes, you can create meetings, webinars, seminars, streams and video conference calls inside any editor or theme builder.

Does this plugin uses shortcodes?

Yes, with the shortcodes you can easily add webinar or video calls on any page, post or sidebar. Read more in our KB

I want a refund, what is the procedure?

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If over the next 30 days you are unhappy with our plugin or have an issue that we are unable to resolve, we’ll happily consider offering a 100% refund of your money.
Read more in our KB

Who do I contact for any kind of support?

For instant support, please send us a message inside the website chat, or you can also contact us through Support. You can also visit our Knowledge Database to find answers to your question. Read more in our KB

Can I add my logo to the video conference or stream?

Yes, you can use your own branding elements inside your webinar, stream or video conference, also known as white labeling.

Where will my video conference recording be stored?

The recording option is only available inside third-party apps like Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet and others.

Can I do live streaming?

Yes, you can do live streaming with our plugin, even with YouTube, Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi and others. Read more in our KB

Do I need a Zoom account?

Yes, you should be registered in Zoom. Also, depending on the zoom account plan you are using. Read more in our KB

Does it work with all streaming services?

Yes, all that provides an embedded or an iframe code (like Youtube Live, Jitsi Meet Integration, Facebook Live) or a shortcode like the ZOOM integration will work. See the full list and tutorial on how to set up the webinar streaming service.

How to sell live webinars (do paid webinars) in WordPress…

  • Paid live & evergreen webinars: with Stripe, PayPal and since also with WooCommerce
    See article and video for details

  • With KlickTipp and WebinarIgnition
    Connect the payment processor like PayPal or Digistore24 with KlickTipp.
    On the payment tag, sent a mail with the one-click registration link:
    Use the link in emails. Replace NAME/EMAIL with wildcards e.g. %Subscriber:CustomFieldFirstName% %Subscriber:EmailAddress%

  • With MailChimp ect. and WebinarIgnition
    Connect the payment processor like PayPal MailChimp.
    On payment confirmation, sent a mail with the one click registration link:
    Use the link in emails. Replace NAME/EMAIL with wildcards e.g. MailChimp with |EMAIL| |FNAME| and the link looks like this with the parameter added.

User story, how a user gets automatically registered to a webinar:
Before the email is sent the parameter in the link are replaced by NAME/EMAIL of the user.
When user click the link in his postbox he will be auto-registered and redirected to the webinar confirmation page.

One-click registration only working at the moment with live webinars. If you want to sell also evergreen/automated/recorded Webinar then hide your webinar registration page and give access only to the customers. So you share the link to the registration page instead of using the one click registration link.

By the way: One click registration for evergreen is on our very long nice-to-have feature list. If you need it ASAP then we give you a quote and do it quicker.
We can develop a solution to start the webinar 5 minutes after the user clicked the link.
You can do a 6 Minutes countdown in your email and a 5 minutes countdown on the registration confirmation page.

Has WebinarIgnition a full integration with KlickTipp email marketing service?

Yes, it has. That means you know exactly when attended, how long stayed, when exited when rejoined and has seen the CTA1, CTA2, … (recorded webinars only).
With this data and the KlickTipp campaign which comes with the connection, you can automate and fine-tune your webinar user experience in every detail.

Some cases:

  • You can get them back when they drop out for any reason.
  • If too long outside the webinar and CTA not seen offer a new webinar date.
  • Sell if they have not bought but seen the whole webinar.
  • Upsell if they have seen the whole webinar and bought.

WP2LEADS is used to connect KlickTipp and WebinarIgnition
Complex KlickTipp Webinar Campagne included start with the connection with this video:

read more here.

KlickTipp about: It is a german started email marketing provider, who really use the full advantages of tag (digital post-its on an email address), to laser-sharp automate email marketing.

Did you searched for the KlickTipp webinar 2022? <- Please follow my Affiliate link to support WP2LEADS development.

I know you can use this plug-in to charge for webinars. Is it possible to grant members the ability to view the webinar without paying?

For example, we have a group of members that are in a paid coaching program. We would like to give free webinars access to those coaching member, but charge others that are not in the program.
Yes you can, read more, about what is possible when creating paid webinars, here.

What is a webinar?

A video in a secure room with call-to-actions (CTAs). Since users have to register for a webinar, you can use it as a lead magnet.
There are live webinars and evergreen (also called automated) webinars. Live webinars can be a ZOOM meeting or Youtube live within a secured room.
Evergreen is often a recorded live webinar with the same offers and CTAs.
Both types of webinars are held at a specific time and on a specific date, which makes them more limited and more valuable.
Once started, a webinar cannot be paused, skipped or jumped forward in time, so you can build a nice strategy to sell and argue your topic.
Compared to a YouTube video, which can be watched by anyone without the content creator getting an email address. It can also be skipped, jumped forward in time and break the tension.

My personal opinion of Webinar ZOOM: = =
As I cannot test it for free, I cannot find a starting point with ZOOM Webinar. So I stay with ZOOM Meeting and integrate it with WebinarIgnition and get my flexible Webinar ZOOM solution. I also find the pricing structure not clear enough. So I stay with the unlimited WebinarIgnition, which has only one price for all features, participants, webinar time and participants at the same time, …

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


Март 5, 2024-ж.
Ehtisham is the best. Truely. He's patient, knowledgeable, makes himself available at all times. The plug-in is 100% working because of his help. Don't hesitate to use this plug-in!! His help makes ALL the difference. You are not alone with this one, so try it today. HIGHLY recommended!
Март 2, 2024-ж.
Ehtisham worked with me to help me figure out how to set up the zoom webinar on Webinar Ignition and clarified all my doubts as well. Appreciate his assistance in setting it up.
Февраль 18, 2024-ж.
Webinar Ignition stands out as an economical yet effective webinar solution. With its affordability and dedicated support, it's the ideal choice for maximizing webinar impact without exceeding your budget. Whenever I needed help Mr Ihtasham Ul Haq always helped me resolving the issues. Experience the brilliance of Webinar Ignition today. Highly Recommended.
Октябрь 13, 2023-ж.
I started using Webinar Ignition in 2017 - as a user and value-added reseller. It was a great platform for the time, but with no further development done, it fell behind the industry standard. Now we're in the era of Webinar Ignition 2.0 so to speak and since Tobias and his team acquired the business, it has undergone so much innovative development on the back end. What we have now is a world class webinar product, fully integrated into the world's most popular CMS - WordPress. What you get is a fully customisable experience, unlimited webinars and options. You can run the webinars using the templates or integrate functionality into your own pages using short codes. If anything, there is almost too many options available and this can be bit much when learning the new system. Ehtisham from the web dev team has provided so much direct support to resolve questions and queries, and to get my first evergreen webinar funnels set up. So, what can you expect from this plugin - a global team of dynamic people who are passionate about their product and who really know their product and who will always go out of their way to help. A world-class webinar platform to rival any of the big brand names at a sweet price that is accessible to everyone's pocket. A system that is developing all of the time, an innovative leadership and people like Ehtisham, who go above and beyond every time. 100% recommended.
Сентябрь 27, 2023-ж.
Webinar Ignition 1 on 1 Support was great. Resolved all my queries on time. Thank You. much appreciated. Nisha
Август 29, 2023-ж.
Ehtisham was helpful and friendly with the set-up of the plugin I had bought long time ago as a life time deal. Ownership had changed hands two or three times since then but the new owner seems to try hard to give a good support. I have not used it but the five stars will reflect his effort to help setting it up with me.
Read all 44 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Webinar Solution: Create live/evergreen/automated/instant webinars, stream & Zoom Meetings | WebinarIgnition” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Webinar Solution: Create live/evergreen/automated/instant webinars, stream & Zoom Meetings | WebinarIgnition” has been translated into 5 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Webinar Solution: Create live/evergreen/automated/instant webinars, stream & Zoom Meetings | WebinarIgnition” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


3.07.0 2024.04.17

All can now register for webinar

  • Improved: All can now register for webinar.
    Non subscriber user roles can now register for webinar after confirm their email address.
    Logged in users not forced to confirm. You can enable confirmation per webinar or global.

Sending emails nicely by default

  • Added: Email sender name and sender email in “Settings” / “Email Template”
    So your webinar reminders are delivered nicely to the inbox. To be sure double the with the built in email Spammyness tester.
    Which is overwritten when you have an SMTP Plugin see all details in screencast here
    If you not use a SMTP plugin you see the admin name and email as sender instead of wordpress@domain.

The easiest way to build a custom webinar room

  • Added: One shortcode that do video & cta and sidebar in one shortcode [wi_webinar_block id=” ” block=”webinar_video_cta_sidebar”]
    Also it hides the sidebar without CTA content, for full video view.

  • Improved: No fatal error on install a second webinarignition plugin
    Only the last activated one will stay active.

  • Improved: Select custom shortcode registration pages and disable the default page
    Before it was a struggle and multiple settings saving needed to disable default webinar registration
    and only use your custom designed registration pages.
  • Improved a lot of code and usability

Seamless integration with autofill on evergreen

  • Autofill user details from any CRM, autoresponder
    example ULR: https://domain.com/test-autofill/?confirmed&first=Tobias&email=Tobias@domain.com&readonly=true
    Replace Tobias with Name placeholder and Tobias@domain.com with email placeholder
    You can decide readonly=true so email can not be changed or readonly=false

Live Webinar CTA

  • Load anything by enable “load in iframe” option
  • Align, set width to show CTA and your live content like your face
  • Improved usability: Any changes lead to update the CTA in attendees browser

YEAH i did it: Recorded me in a Live webinar:

feedback please…

Evergreen CTAs

Essential webinar default pages stay healthy

  • Sometimes on cleanup anyone clean also default webinar page and nothing works after.
    Vlad made it possible to disable delete, un publish ect. this pages, so your webinars stay on and generate leads and $$$
    Only when webinar is deleted they will be deleteable.

Former webinars with issues can work again

  • Updated the hint for the solution:
    If you have webinars created before 25th March 2022, you may encounter a redirect issue when the registration URL shows ?p=123.
    To fix this, follow these steps: open the webinar dashboard, click on the top left edit button near the title, which will open the default webinar page for this webinar. Then, publish the page. This will solve all related issues.
    After checking and saving all webinars again, please dismiss the message by clicking on ‘dismiss_old_webinars_notification’.


  • Improve verification code in popup
    Code gets invalid when popup with registration shortcode
    e.g. from elementor gets closed below the confirmation modal.
  • Essential webinar custom pages can not be altered

Next big steps

  • We focussed a lot of time on Version 3 and the RRatingg plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/5-stars-rating-funnel/), now we focus on:
  • “Easy Streaming” a plugin that stream directly inside your live webinar and is easy to setup with flexible usage plans.
  • Phoenix the Version 5 of WebinarIgnition, which we started but paused to focus on V3 and RR.

3.06.1 2024.04.01

  • Added: New plans that we added months ago require a new price table inside the plugin.

3.06.0 2024.03.16

This is the first release with the new Team Arman Developers

  • Fixed: Browser asking for reload unlimited times in live and evergreen
  • Added: Glowing mute icon and increased its size (Registration and Thank you page video)
  • Added: Verification code
  • Improved: Security thanks to patch stack
  • Added: Footer shortcode for the custom pages
  • Added: On Plugins page link to dashboard
  • Added: Sidebar shortcode to build your complete webinar room in your page builder
    Next: Improve loading of shortcodes via iframe
    Next: one shortcode that do video & cta and sidebar in one shortcode
  • Improved: Live webinar CTA on/off/on not showing CTA again
  • Added: Support of Shortcodes in Live webinars, inclusive loading in iframe when advanced iframe plugin is activated.
  • Removed: Error in the console
  • Fixed: Video and CTA shortcode separated issue with CTAs
    Was not loading the second CTA
  • Replaced: Console editor of the CTA content with default WP editor
    Fixed evergreen video progress bar on ctas
    now above Iframes that fill the full width and now admin can always jump in time

Next: Autofill user data and register user for evergreen webinar

3.05.8 2024.02.18

  • 18 translations now available

3.05.7 2024.02.18

  • Fixed “confirmation code” made optional by default and overlay better with code field on thrive and other page builder, confirmation more reliable

Still working to improve and also translate it.

3.05.6 2024.02.13

  • fixed: “wrong confirmation code” by run the migration script on update plugin
    Sorry for not finding it through my testing, added more testing tasks to my release routine.
    Thank you Tomasz for finding and coming up again and again with this topic.
    Thanks Vlad, my developer since years, for investigating and finding a solution for Tomasz and all user.

3.05.5 2024.01.26

  • Changed: maybe_unserialize -> json_decode
    details see: https://bitbucket.org/WP-Leads-Plugins/webinarignition/commits/054eca72f295

3.05.4 2024.01.23

  • Improved: Security, thanks to patch stack and WordPress.org team
  • Added: Email verification on register, to secure only verified user gets registered on the WP site.
  • Changed: “unserialize” functions to “maybe_unserialize”
  • Added: Show hint “already registered” and block registration to non subscriber users role.

See: This release contains fixes after commit 8a434e8 The code changes here.
See screencast with the email confirmation and details on the fix: Read more here.

3.05.1 2024.01.05

  • Security improved thanks to patch stack and WordPress.org team
  • Freemius SDK update. Now auto cleaning DB entries

Soon, delayed because security fixes first:

  • Fixed: Live auto login
    Working now with base64 encrypted name and email address and with plain.

Evergreen auto fill URL in dashboard

Will be improved, together with the live auto fill and login
We think of adding a security token so misuse of the link is not possible.
Case: Intruder see WebinarIgnition registration and add “?register-now&n=NAME&e=EMAIL&readonly=true&login=true” to the link and fill name and email of other persons which then gets registered.
* Current development: Make working with custom pages created by adding shortcodes.

mail confirmation on registration

  • Current beta and ready for testing:
    At the moment only working with the autofill URL feature
    Only the the token registered user will not need to confirm.
    Why no need to confirm? Because the click on a link inside an email to their account.
    Why adding email confirmation? Often seen and helping to get valid and proofed owned email addresses

Question: Why we will not have an auto login on evergreen?
Answer: Because attendee should be able to choose a date & time to attend the webinar. Live Webinars have a fixed date & time.

* Current parallel development: Total new plugin

3.05.0 2023.12.05

Webhooks update, Video mute feature, Helper texts, Up coming new version

Video mute feature

  • New: Added mute icon for autoplaying videos on registration/thank you pages
    (shortcodes and default designed registration page)
    Benefits: Page visitors do less bounce instead of leave the page to avoid video audio.
    Now they just mute it and stay.

If you can not see video above, click to open changelog on wp.org please

Webhooks update (you need to act!)

Important! webinar date was before = 2023.12.04 19:00:00
Now = 2023.12.04 (Nice to be viewed in notifications)
Time is also now separated (Nice to be viewed in notifications)

If you want the webinar date & time user the new UNIX webinar date & time “2023-12-05T18:00:00+05:00”
Nice to trigger email notifications before, on and after webinar.

  • Added: Separate webinar date, webinar time, registration date, and registration time in webhook response.
  • Added: UNIX webinar/registration date & time with timezone “date_time”: “2023-12-04T16:00:00-05:00” in webhook response.
  • Added: Webinar URL after registered
    like https://domain.com/webinar-1/?confirmed&lid=fbc782e4de6e618e
    Benefits: With this link your user directly access the thank you page or the webinar page when live.
  • Revealed: With you only adding the webhook link and enable you get all the webinar data like date, time, URLs
    Benefits 1: You can now trigger all webinar notifications within your CRM/Autoresponder.
    Benefits 2: You know exactly when the webinar is over (webinar time + webinar lengths) and react on users action bought/or not bought.
    Benefits 3: You can sent them again to the registration page if not bought, attended…
    Cases: Send notifications: before (reminder, onboarding), during (rejoin link combined with tracking pixel feature) and directly after a webinar (sell, upsell).
    Read more and see example data

If you can not see video above, click to open changelog on wp.org please

Helper texts

  • New: Added help text to change FROM EMAIL address and NAME EMAIL and link to KB article in settings.
    Background: Woocommerce and other big plugins do not have email settings and refer to SMTP plugins, so do we.
  • Added: Global warning message when running “old” webinars $date_before = ‘2022-03-25’ that may not work as expected.
    Instead of getting frustrated and uninstalling the plugin, re-run the webinar from scratch. (Importing, duplicating will not solve anything).
    I guarantee the experience will be totally different.
    Background: DB structure has changed.
    Better to do a completely new webinar where everything works fine.


  • Added a webinar video icon in the webinar room in the branded version.
    (Branded version has 100 free registrations per month with all features)
  • Updated: Freemius SDK for better optin, license handling, …


  • We are doing nice easy editable Gutenberg templates and new easy plugin.

3.04.5 07.11.2023

  • Fixed: Showing “Webinar is Full…” message on tier2 & tier3
    Benefits: Open registration on new plans. Thanks Lorenzo for bringing this up.

3.04.3 + 3.04.4 01.11.2023

  • Updated: Freemius SDK, for nice free email onboarding after opt-in
  • Added: 2 licenses for 1 price
    Benefits: Inside the plugin you can now get 2 licenses for $34
    Upgrade is available for current customers and new customers
  • Added: New pricing plans
    Benefits: Pricing $ 9.99 for 250 registrations and 2 hours of webinar time
    Upgrade is available for free users, as others may get to licenses instead of downgrading
  • Added: 14 days trial version for the $ 9.99 monthly plan (250 registrations)
  • Reduced: Branding free registrations per month to 100
  • Improved: Update webinar permalink if post permalink changed
    Benefits: When you change slug/URL of the default page webinar will still work.
    Background: Inside webinar settings click on edit and it leads you to the default page, used by this webinar.
    Please do not change if you sent out notifications already, because the link in mail will not work.

Still in free version you get all live and evergreen features, just with a time limit and a registration limit.

3.04.2 12.10.2023

  • Improved: Add footer code to modern webinar template
    Benefits: You can now again transfer all essential attendee data to KlickTipp
    Read more here.
    Other fixes done directly inside the WebinarIgnition Instant Transfer to KlickTipp plugin.
  • Fixed: Transfer to Autoresponder (AR) via HTML form stopped working
    Please report back if still not working for you.
  • Fixed: Redirect to webinar page from thankyou page after countdown finished
    Benefits: No need to click on countdown link to access webinar room
    Story: I was missing first minutes myself on other webinar platform because the redirect was not working.
  • Fixed: Set webinar branding text if empty on activation
    Benefits: Branding option working more stable and give you 500 free registrations
  • Added: anonymous plugin usage back after Freemius fixed opt-in of new user on Freemius server
    Benefits: Without opt-in you can use the plugin again.


  • Freemius has more options for the confirmed users.
    So we test to allow only confirmed user to use the software to give you the most option.
    Tell us in the chat what you think and if you still have issues to enable the 500 free registrations.
    Freemius is also fixing an first time opt-in issue when new to Freemius.

3.04.1 20.09.2023

  • Fix: Do posts creation in patches
    Preparing for the next version with new backend
  • Change: Move WebinarIgnition menu to top
    Benefits: You can see it now on second place for faster access and to use it more for your success.

3.04.0 17.09.2023

Innovative method for loading CTA content with shortcodes

If you can not see video below, click to open changelog on wp.org please

CTA loading issues? Load all plugins/shortcodes in CTAs (please right click and open in new tab)

  • Solved problem: In webinar room not showing timed action content nicely
  • Background: The delayed/time based loading of the CTAs was sometimes breaking style and function of some plugins/shortcodes output.
  • Benefits: Automatically loading via iframe, by checking a box, solve this issue.
  • Yes, iframes in iframes working too.
  • What are CTAs?
    Call-to-Actions are actions in the webinar room to interact with your attendees, like in a live webinar
    CTAs in evergreen webinars are automated and time based (connected to the MP4/video time)
  • How you solved the problem of the form that on submit reloads the whole webinar room?
    By placing the form in an iframe the content in the iframe will reload only.
  • Is it complicated to load the content in an Iframe?
    You decide: If install/activate free “advanced iframe” plugin and click “enable” button, below the CTA content, is complicated 😉

  • Article: CTA loading issues? Load all plugins/shortcodes in CTAs

PS: In combination with the already developed features automation in evergreen webinars raised to new heights.
To name some:

  • On reload the page, attendee continues video on the time left (MP4, WEBM,… only, not iframe)
  • Unlimited CTAs because all are shown inside the webinar room.
    CTAs can be any shortcodes appointment/survey/poll… forms, WooCommerce Shop, or an external sales page.
  • Send registered/attended status to CRM via webhook and do more specific marketing.

PPS: Is the iframe advanced plugin totally free?
Yes and no. At the moment from 10.000 views a months the iframe plugin shows a backlink.
And you can get rig of the link by buying the pro version At the moment 19$ one time

iframed CTA Roadmap:

  • Problem: Loading the Iframed CTA could take some time than loading the normal CTA
    Why? Because we hidden loading the whole page and show only the content you want to get.
    Workaround: If you want to show the CTA at 1:15 start the CTA at 1:00 time
    Solution: Preloading the CTA, out of the view of the user and show on CTA time.
  • As we have a cooperation with Michael the developer of Iframe advance free/pro he come up with more improvements
    Maybe you have some edge cases that need tweaking and we lucky to help you…

No Premium Plugin code needed as all is in OpenSource Version

  • From my own experience i like to test all before i buy.
  • Still buying is not needed until you reach the free 500 registrations per months or like webinars longer than 45 minutes.
  • Which other webinar service gives you so much for free?
  • Why? To play, test, make some money and give back. That maybe make some user able to start own lifelong business.
  • Also i like all to use e.g. the webhooks, paid webinars ect. and suggest features and improvements.
  • Current Ultimate Unlimited user will still get updates through Freemius.
  • Ultimate Unlimited user can install the free version and get faster updates.

Further fixes, improvements

  • Updated: German language file (Thank you Ronny)
  • Updated: All translations and fixes some strings.
    Please report not working or not good translation.
  • Freemius SDK update
    Fixes in clone resolution and multisite license activation
    Fixed update notice issue when free and premium versions of a plugin is running in parallel
  • Fixed: Webhook trigger on attended webinar when user was not instantly viewing the webinar. (Thanks Mathias)
    Trigger sent when user watched MP4 video for one second and more. Iframe video on visited webinar room.

Fixed: Redirect to first custom registration page when open the default registration page

(only redirect for non logged-in user, like your webinar visitors, so you as admin can still access the built in page)
Benefits: The not setup default registration page is not shown to your visitors.
If you use custom pages you need to manually select a default custom page and deselect the default page.

Workaround for existing and new webinars:

  • In an Webinar dashboard
  • Select a default custom registration page
  • Unselect built in registration page in list
  • Save
  • Redo when default still shown in the list.

I hope soon we can improve admin experience by setting the first custom page as default/fallback page.

The Unlimited Registration features is the milestone that needed the improvement

If you have issues go back to


by uploading the plugin via add new plugin and downgrade.
Please then report issue on https://support.webinarignition.com/
Pormise we will find a solution quickly.

3.03.2 22.08.2023

  • Fix: Language special characters producing JS errors
    Benefits: You can run WebinarIgnition on any site language and all will be translated.
    Benefits: AR Test button working again
    Missing languages you can request DeepL translation in chat, or translate yourself via loco translate.
  • Fix: Webinar settings language resets on test AR settings

3.03.0 20.08.2023

  • Fixed: Issues with urdu and italian special characters by escaping all text in backend (make language strings not executable)
    Benefits: All languages can be used in backend.
    Tutorial: On create webinar you choose the language the content shown to the user is translated in. Like registration form/pages, email/txt reminder.
    The settings language follows the user and the site language. We think of removing the “also use the webinar language in settings” option. You can give us cases when this option is needed and we will fix it.
    At the moment on saving the webinar, only the settings language change back to the site/user language. Use the chat for suggestions.

Team news

  • We welcome our new team member Chris
  • Many thanks to Juan our customer that become our business coach. Juan the man with the human success glue.
  • Thank you Edris (Senior developer since 2008 with WP) to work now 8h a day
    and do bugfix and the new plugin version.
  • Looking forward to the new version, give us some months to redo settings and base everything on gutenberg and WordPress UX.

Upcoming iframe loading of CTA content with shortcodes

  • Background: The delayed/time based loading of the CTAs was normally breaking style and function of some plugins output.
  • Benefits: Automatically loading via iframe, by checking a box, solve this issue.
    We are testing already final version.

3.02.1 26.07.2023

  • Fixed yeah: Show browser confirmation popup only when changes are unsaved (on backend)
    Why reloading was added? Because all settings are saved in one Array and the reload apply the settings.
    Benefits: When move away from a settings page no asking of leaving the page.
    Only reload after save to apply settings 😉

After testing live on one evergreen site working on other still showing the message.
Please add your ideas, dev will investigate further…

3.02.0 25.07.2023

  • Fix: “Sure to leave page” browser popup on Confirmation page
    Ongoing: “Sure to leave page” browser message on backend without any settings changed
  • Fixed: Live webinars live console: Leads import field issue (first line got skipped)
    Import via field trigger the right notification emails
    Ongoing: CSV file import: Import is working but notifications are not triggered correctly

  • New article: Load all your applications/shortcodes like appointments, shop, survey, ect. inside your webinar room
    See article with workaround here

  • Buy now 1:1 setup service on webinarignition.com via the “1:1 Setup Service” menu, service which is highly used and reviewed.

In development

  • Easy CTA solution, by michael from advanced iframe
    Benefits: Loading nearly all shortcodes inside webinar room
    Problem was that some shortcodes needs to load with the page
    and not be viewed timed/delayed like in CTAs.
  • Gutenberg Shortcodes block by Chris
  • Fixes and new plugin by Edris
  • Better onboarding emails (Chris & Tobias)
  • Better KB content (Chris & Tobias)


Tell us what you like to improve:
In the WhatsApp Mastermind group


  • I want direct open of the webinar when live.
  • I want auto redirect from thank you page to webinar page like on the countdown page
  • I want to import and notify my live webinar users (fix in development)
  • I want to add more registration pages and have a fixed webinar URL from the default webinar page


  • I like a new backend
  • I like to have post types to sort my webinars

Your Ideas:

  • 1
  • 2

3.01.3 14.07.2023

  • Change: Edit webinar title button will open webinar default page
    Benefit: Find the default registration page by click the edit button near the webinar title
    There you can change Title and slug for the whole webinar.
    Also you can remove the existing message and do SEO.
  • SDK update
  • Fixed: Too many redirects issue
  • Fix: Make URL/slug more secure
  • Change: Remove 45 mins limit column for former license table
    Yes former license holder have full ultimate functionality.
  • Fix: Invalid/Negative countdown time in preview mode

3.01.2 20.06.2023

  • Fixed: “webinar closed” when click in email reminder “We are live now”

3.01.1 20.06.2023

  • FIXED: Multiple Custom Registration pages now working with 10web hosting ect.
    Benefits: Create and use as much registration pages with shortcodes as you like.
    Case 1: Different sources can have different registration pages
    Case 2: A/B test registration pages by an Splittest plugin and the goal pixel in webinar room or thank you page

  • updated german language
  • removed trial version as you now can test all features in free version
  • first page will now be the WebinarIgnition dashboard instead the KnowledgeBase page

  • workaround “webinar closed” when click in email reminder “We are live now”
    In “Webinar Replay” tab under “Countdown – Expiring…”
    add “Replay Availability” greater than 0 like 1
    Visitor will see the replay video.
    Sure we will find a nice solution and release ASAP.

3.01.0 15.06.2023

  • New: Multiple Custom Registration pages
    Benefits: Create and use as much registration pages with shortcodes as you like.
    Case 1: Different sources can have different registration pages
    Case 2: A/B test registration pages by an Splittest plugin and the goal pixel in webinar room or thank you page

  • Updated: Freemius SDK (That handles opt-in to get free registrations, license ect.)
  • Fix: Default WP language issue (Some text are not in site language and site language not selected by default)
    One more step in the direction of being more like WordPress
    Benefits: Your site is in spanish and your webinar text, settings is in spanish by default
    Note: If the admin… user language is different than the site language, the site language is still offert when create a new webinar.
    Note: If you want latin spanish select espanol de mexico, that will save you to translate. Same with Portugues….

  • Incompatible: CTA video Shortcode for registration page not working when WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) is installed.
    WP DSGVO Tools (GDPR) JS causing an error and video gets out of shape. We try to harden WI to solve it.

  • Incompatible: 10web hosting user like webinarignition.com have a redirect to default registration page issue
    We working hard to solve it. until fixed demo not available. You only see the issue when you are logged out.

If you have issue go back to
3.00.3 https://webinarignition.com/wp-content/uploads/webinar-ignition.zip
2.16.3 https://webinarignition.com/wp-content/uploads/webinar-ignition-2.zip

3.00.3 25.05.2023

All features free and webinars and settings in 18 languages

plus your own language via loco translate or via our support (like polish recently)

That make WebinarIgnition maybe the only WordPress webinar plugin in unlimited languages

  • Fix: Default WP translation issues
    Benefits: Your site is in german, spanish and the webinar (and settings are) in this language too.
    Like you are used to it when working with plugins.
  • Fixed: Language for Japan email tab was not showing (complete re- translation)
  • Change: Disable non opt-in options
  • Change: Show opt-in buttons on disabled options
  • Change: Remove opt-in button above
  • Fix: All features available issue for former licenses (basic/pro/enterprise)

  • Soon: Default webinar settings language follows the user language or the site language.
    (by removing the option and do WP default behavior)
    Benefits: Language in settings like you are used to it.
    Example: Your website is setup in spanish and the admin does not speak spanish he gets his settings in english.
    Workaround: On create webinar set “use webinar language in settings” to “no”.
    For me workaround was not working and still got the webinar language in settings.

3.00.2 18.05.2023

  • Fixed free version without admin opt-in: Admin can now create evergreen webinars in own language and date & time format
    Benefits: You can test all features just by activating the plugin and if you like more registrations opt-in via the dashboard.
  • Updated: Freemius SDK (That handles opt-in to get free registrations, license ect.)
  • SOON Fixed free version without admin opt-in: Admin can now create live webinars in own language and date & time format
    Workaround: If you like live webinars in own language and date & time format opt-in via the dashboard.

Overall you see the limitations of free version have been widely added and step by step they are discovered and removed.
Not to add limitations code brings the benefits of faster development and less stress on my side testing. 😉
And you can test all ultimate features just by activating the plugin.

Gifts for user with license bought 2013 – 01/2021

  • If you are basic we generated at least 3 license keys.
    Use them to activate license inside Version 3 and get 100 free registrations per months with all ultimate features.
  • If you are Premium/Enterprise we generated at least 10 license keys.
    Use them to activate license inside Version 3 and get 200 free registrations per months with all ultimate features.

Steps to get free registrations:

Still available:

3.00.1 13.05.2023

Recurring debug and error log check revealed some warnings we fixed
* Fix: PHP notices and warnings in error log
* Fix: Error in Premium version

  • Added: Reset registration count when trial is activated
    Benefits: When start trial you get the full 500 registrations.
    The 45 minutes limit is still active when not paid license.
  • Added: Stop counting registrations when ultimate is activated
    Benefits: When used over 500 registrations and going back to free registration is still open.
    The 45 minutes limit is still active when not paid license.

Changes per license level see below please

A fixed 2.x version is not yet available, feel free to use version 3

3.00.0 09.05.2023

Upgrade 3.x with major free, former license changes

Is there any change for the paying Ultimate users?


  • Background:
    Not when it is about the features. You get already all features ad in future you will get all features.
    You will benefit by the new development speed by maintain only one ultimate license level.
    Background: The different license levels (basic, enterprise, free, trial, paid) took so much time:
    describing to dev, developing, testing, describing to you.

Is there any change for the trial Ultimate users?

  • Yes. You also get the 45 minutes webinar room attendee time limit

Is there any change for the free Ultimate users?

  • Yes. You also get the 45 minutes webinar room attendee time limit
  • Yes. You get a over all webinars registration limit 5-500 registrations per month
    To activate 500 free registrations per month for unlimited time you need to opt-in and show branding.
  • You get all ultimate features
  • This is an manual update and can be only done via plugins and only alone.

Is there any change for the former license owner 2013 to 01-2021?

  • Yes. You get a over all webinars registration limit (basic 100, other 200 registrations per month)
  • You get all ultimate features
  • This is an manual update and can be only done via plugins and only alone.

On issues or if you like former unlimited registrations

Get the latest 2.16.3. version here
* If you are former license owner 2013 to 01-2021 you can go …