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Management App for WooCommerce – Order notifications, Order management, Lead management, Uptime Monitoring

Management App for WooCommerce – Order notifications, Order management, Lead management, Uptime Monitoring


Simple Woocommerce Management App

With the WEmanage app you can manage your woocommerce website from anywhere at any time
Woocommerce management was never been easier.


Download WEmanage APP

What can be done with the app?

WEmanage app is full of useful woocommerce admin features:

  • Receive notifications for every sale on the site – including failed or canceled orders!
  • View orders in real-time.
  • Contacting buyers in one click – Via email, phone, or WhatsApp!
  • Adding new products to the site – Includes products with many variations!
  • Extremely fast update of product prices – Includes bulk editing and variation editing!
  • Extremely fast product inventory management – Including product variations stock!
  • Viewing site sales reports – Site visits, purchases, conversion rate.
  • Get mobile notifications for contact form 7 and Elementor form leads.
  • Monitor website uptime and get a notification for any issue with your phone.
  • Live chat with customers as they visit your store.
  • Create and manage coupons on the go.
  • Add sub-users to help you manage your woocommerce store
  • Manage many woocommerce stores in one interface and app

And many more features are on the way!

What is the difference between WEmanage App and WooCommerce App?

WEmanage app is a woocommerce app alternative for those who are looking for management capabilities that don’t really only on woocommerce but also on many different plugins used in large volumes.

Our app focuses on the simple and non-technological store owner that needs to manage his or her store on a day-to-day basis within seconds. here are some examples:

  • Totally different user experienceֲ – simplified!
  • Very quick inventory and price changes in bulk or as a single.
  • Receiving order notifications on failed and canceled status too.
  • Receiving lead notifications on Elmentor forms and CF7 forms.
  • Receiving up-time notifications for SSL expiration or website unavailability.
  • Key actions such as call, mail, or WhatsApp customers with a tap.
  • Coupan management and communication with live coupons.
  • Inventory management for easy logistics.
  • and more..

Coming up next release:

  • Warehouse pick-list improvement to show all products to collect as a list by date and order with assigned sub-user.
  • Tracking improvement to show all purchases with UTM sources (notification, order page).
  • Analytics improvement to show simple reports via each source, medium, and campaign!
  • Adding smart insights to help store owners make marketing decisions.

Is it safe to use WEmanage App?

Yes. completely.

  • Our system acts as an intermediary between your website and the mobile management app.
  • Neither we nor any other party has the ability to connect to your website or see your information.
  • All communication is end-to-end encrypted.

Admin management via mobile app

Adding and managing products was never been easier.

  • You can add new products to your woocommerce website via the comfort of your phone in a very simple process – one screen only.
  • You can manage products by bulk edit (mark and action), by quick edit (click to edit variations), or by full edit (full edit page).

By adding products to woocommerce via the mobile app you enjoy some extra features:

  • All images are compressed for website optimization.
  • All variations are added as global variations automatically (for filtering).
  • Product variations are created automatedly from attributes (as in Shopify)

Order management via mobile app

Manage woocommerce orders on the go with real-time notifications and quick actions.

Stop relying on order emails and start getting your order notifications On your mobile phone. get order notifications not only for successful orders but also for failed and canceled orders so you can win them back when it’s still possible.

  • WooCommerce to WhatsApp – click to update buyers from the order page.
  • Order pick list to WhatsApp – click to update buyers of order status.

More about wemanage

WEmanage is a Website Management Company with over 15 years of experience.
We built this App and web interface based on our client’s demands and we will continue to improve the app’s capabilities more and more so that everyone can enjoy full control over their website!
our official service website:
WEmanage – Website Management services
our mobile app website:
Woocommerce admin app


  • An example of quick inventory and price management.
  • An example of order and reports.
  • Add simple and variable products to the website.
  • Connecting a site easily and quickly.
  • Full edit and dark view.
  • Management of multiple websites in one platform.
  • Quick creation of product variations



  1. Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select Add New,
  2. Search for WEmanage;
  3. Activate WEmanage from your Plugins page.
  4. You will be transferred automatically to the settings page.

To connect woocommerce website to the app you have 2 options:


  1. Go to: WEmanagee Web interface or download and install WEmanage App.
  2. Sign up and add your website – our system will do the entire process for you..
  3. Enjoy!


  1. Install and activate WEmanage plugin on your website.
  2. Activate and Copy a secure and temporary code that will be shown to you.
  3. Paste the code in WEmanage App.
  4. enjoy!


  1. You don’t need to do anything else.
  2. Check your app and make sure all is working 🙂
  3. Youג€™re done!


Why is the service free?

The application allows free use for 30 days. After that, you may need to pay premium to enjoy all the benefits.

Is there support in the process of adding a website?

If you encounter a problem, the system will offer you to open a service ticket so that we can help you connect the site successfully!

Can any website make use of the WEmanage app?

Basically Yes. But there are sites that block communication and then server-side actions will be required to enable it.

How to uninstall the plugin?

Simply deactivate and delete the plugin.
This will automatically disconnect any connection between the site and the application

Can I manage the woocommerce notifications?

Yes. As you open the mobile app you can click on the menu to see the notifications setting screen. you can decide to turn on or off different notifications:

  • Order notifications
  • Chat notifications
  • Lead notifications
  • Up-time notifications
  • Insight notifications
    We strongly recommend leaving all woocommerce notifications on as it helps you manage your woocommerce site.
    be aware: Woocommerce push notifications need approval on your mobile phone when installing the app.

How do I turn leads management on or off?

Leads management is activated by default. the app will capture and notify you of any new leads for the following form types:

  • Elementor forms
  • Contact form 7 forms (CF7)

If you want to turn off any form’s notification -ֲ you must go to settings in the leads screen and click on exclude form. you can see the form ID on top of any lead, all you need to do is to copy and paste the ID to exclude leads capture from the specific form.

How does the website up-time monitor work?

If activated (you must go to tools>monitor to activate the capability), our bot will start checking your side every 5 minutes. the bot will check the following tests:

  • Website availability monitor – is the website live?
  • Website response time – is the website fast enough?
  • Website SSL certificate – is the certificate valid?

Any issue found will respond with a live time machine turning off alert and it will continue every minute until the issue is resolved.
If the issue takes more time to resolve go ahead and turn off uptime monitor notifications – and turn it back on when fixed.

How to activate live chat on the website?

Live chat is not on by default. to use live chat on your woocommerce site, go to tools > chat > settings screen in WEmanage app and set your logo, colors, opening messages, and auto-response times and then click on the activate toggle to show chat on the website.

With live chat, you can chat with customers on your site in real-time and give them coupons with a click as part of your conversation to make sure they complete purchases on your site.

Anytime a visitor starts a chat, you will receive a chat request notification to answer any questions or concerns visitors may have.

How do I manage woocommerce products quickly?

Our app is designed for simple people. so, anyone can manage products easily on their mobile phone. to manage products’ go to the products tab and view the following options:

  • Find products – by searching, filtering, and drafts.
  • Quick actions tabs – by full edit, inventory (stock) management, price management.
  • Bulk edit – mark products to edit and click edit selected for temporary or permanent bulk changes.

It may take a day or two but when you get around the product management section but when you do – here is what can be done:

  • Show or hide woocommerce products with a click on the eye icon.
  • Edit regular and sale prices without going into products (including discounts).
  • Edit stock of any product and product variation without going into products.
  • Add new products in one simple screen including auto-generating variations.

Our goal is that any woocommerce stock management or any woocommerce price management will be achievable in a few seconds. – go to products filter by category or tag then search product name and click on the result to make your changes in less than 2 seconds!

How to manage woocommerce orders in WEmanage app?

Any new order on woocommerce will automatically appear on your orders screen on the app. You will get an order notification for the following statuses:

  • Woocommerce new order notification
  • Woocommerce failed order notification
  • Woocmmerce canceled order notification

With any new order, you can perform actions:

  • Send the buyer a message via call or email or WhatsApp.
  • Manage orders via picklist and update buyers on progress.
  • Change order status to any supported woo commerce status.

What can I do with woocommerce UTM reports?

UTM information is very valuable when making decisions about ad budgets and directing resources to bring in more customers. our plugin is evolving and rapidly improving to give you the best control over your site.

By collecting UTM parameters we can attach any visitor to their source. then, we can attach that important data to your goals:

  • Woocommerce order UTM
  • CF7 (contact form 7) lead UTM
  • Elementor forms lead UTM

You will be able to see the source icon (google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc) beside woocommerce order notification, and inside woocommerce order details in the app. You will see the same icon and details in leads too.

We also can show advanced woocommerce reports based on main sources so you can see the full funnel and measure KPIs at a glance. with the live UTM reports of your store’s performance, you can make better decisions and gain a better understanding of your clients and grow your business more and more!


Январь 3, 2024-ж. 2 replies
Currently doesn’t notify you of sales on the app or phone. Also the dashboard statistics are not working. I will update this review to 5 stars if they fix the issues.
Январь 2, 2024-ж. 2 replies
“For free” appears to only mean it’s free for 30 days. So it sounds like a trial.
Апрель 19, 2023-ж. 1 reply
The setup process is incredibly easy, taking just a few steps to complete. Both the desktop and mobile interfaces are beautifully modern, making this plugin even more appealing to me than the popular Jetpack.
Март 30, 2023-ж.
Love it! Been using and already finding it useful and effective! 🙂 Highly recommended to every website owner!
Март 21, 2023-ж. 1 reply
This application has significantly improved my involvement in the WooCommerce store, everything is faster and updated all the time, very easily I update a price, upload a product, make a new sale. Amazing amazing amazing, the conversation with the customer is just perfect, and a notification about every sale so I can send the products quickly, thank you highly recommend!
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Contributors & Developers

“Management App for WooCommerce – Order notifications, Order management, Lead management, Uptime Monitoring” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Plugin released.


  • Misc bug fixes.


  • Fixed dynamic plugin folder name issue and added woocommerce coupon management in the app.


  • Improved settings page and added better woocommerce app connection process


  • Added woocommerce management tools


  • New form leads feature – support for Elementor forms and CF7 forms to push notifications.


  • Plugin clash fix, woocommerce order notifications improve. Repush


  • Improved setup instructions and added UTM parameters structure


  • Completing the capabilities of collecting sources of arrival to the site


  • Improve statistics


  • Improve security


  • Improve security


  • Improve security


  • notifications improvment


  • notifications improvment