WP Proposals


WP Proposals lets you create stunning professional proposals that will help you and your sales team land dream deals.


WP Proposals is a brand new plugin by WP Codeus. We’re excited to keep bringing you new features and a soon to be release pro-version which will include even more awesome features! Give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

Professional Online Proposals

WP Proposals revolutionizes your ability to create stunning online proposals directly from your WordPress dashboard. Giving you the competitive edge allowing your sales team to streamline the proposal and invoicing process all within your current WordPress install.


We know how important your companies brand and image is to you. That’s why when we built WP Proposals we made sure to give you the ability to completely brand and style your proposals to your needs.

Gone are the days of spending hours and hours in Photoshop or Indesign. WP Proposals allows any team member to add your own branding and content in minutes. Unlike other proposal software on the market, you no longer need to pay extra to add your own logo or domain.


Waiting to hear back after you send a proposal can be agony. WP Proposals allows you to keep track of how many times your client views your proposals, and most importantly notifies you when they have accepted it!

View counts are also a great way to determine when and if you should send a follow up email. Follow up emails are a great way to show your clients that you care and most important to not allow them to forget about you.


WP Proposals allows you to send branded and templated emails to your client to view their proposal online. This is just another tool to give you and your business a competitive edge over your competition.

WP Proposals will also notify you when a proposal has been approved by whom, when, and for how much. Want your whole sales team to be notified? Not a problem there is an option for that too.


  • Proposal Cover Image and Introduction
  • Proposal Timeline Table
  • Proposal Investment Table and Approval Form
  • WP Proposals General Settings
  • WP Proposals Design Settings
  • WP Proposals Misc Settings
  • Send Proposal
  • Send Proposal Email Template
  • Approval Form Confirmation Message
  • Proposal Approved Email Template
  • WP Proposals Services Metabox
  • WP Proposals Pricing Metabox


Using this plugin is very simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Upload the wp-proposals folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Configure settings by going to WP Proposals and Settings


How do I get support?

In the case that you need help with WP Proposals, you can submit a support ticket on our support page. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as we possibly can. Most likely the same day during our business hours.

Does WP Proposals work on my WordPress multisite?

Not yet, we hope to work on that in the future.

Can you use any page builder to create custom sections?

Yes you can! WP proposals can be used by any page builder that supports custom post types. Please refer to your page builders online documentation for setup . Feel free to reach out to us for any other page builder suggestions.


Апрель 26, 2024-ж. 3 replies
Ok, I thought I could give the manufacturers a new chance after a few years of production and tested the plugin in a fresh Wordpress installation. Unfortunately, you can’t say that it comes across as particularly “professional”, because the most important requirements and features are still not available after years. Unfortunately, the plugin is not recommended for users from Germany, as the necessary data protection is not taken into account and the GDPR regulations have been disregarded (see “cons”). The plugin itself is quick to get up and running, but if you speak a different language, there was probably no one here in the community who had taken care of the individual phrases and you have to create your own translation using Loco-Translate. This is a bit surprising for such a production period – as of today there are only up to 6%, 2 languages started – Italian and German. I would like to do it myself, but since the version offered is simply too rudimentary and I don’t use it any further… sorry guys/gals After the installation I felt like I had installed the Divi-Builder because of the design and the colors. This is nothing negative, the settings interface looks very tidy and neat. Unfortunately, some things in the “Design” and “Misc” areas are too jumbled up for my taste and some of them don’t seem to have any effect. In any case, you have to do something manually and here you can include CSS in a special field. But let’s take a look at the functions Pros: Sending and receiving notifications Monitoring proposal views and tracking Offers look quite ok online Cons: Not GDPR compliant – icons and fonts are loaded onto the page via CDN. I see no way to bypass this without direct intervention via code No editor for the description and content fields of the sections No possibility to save sections for later use (global / project-related) It is not possible to set markers for print sections, e.g. to force a page break. Prices cannot be adapted to specific countries – engl. $5,000.00 / ger. 5.000,00 € VAT is completely missing, so the plugin cannot be used at all for many countries (it should also be possible to set different taxes for individual price details) No possibility to give a discount on a pricing item No description possible for individual price points. Individual price details must be described in detail in some cases. It is not possible to create one or more additional complete price sections. From time to time there are additional prices which do not fit into the main section. No possibility to set prices as with different features: Fixed Recurring -> second dropdown: Per year, Per month, Per week, Per day, Per hour… Per -> second dropdown: Per item, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Cycle, Item, Person… and here also a QTY. option Digital signing not possible. This also makes it problematic. You should at least have a checkbox in the section for accepting the offer, which is clicked on by the offeree and possibly something like “I, the contractor, agree that by actively accepting the offer – here online, by entering my name and pressing the button – the offer is legally valid and binding.” -> Add another checkbox “I, the contractor, agree that by actively accepting the offer – here online, by entering my name and pressing the button – the offer is legally valid and binding”. -> Plus another checkbox “I have read the GTC and agree to them”. No possibility to make the customer information more detailed. Individual fields would be great here -> Company name, contact person, telephone, email, street & number, postcode/postbox number, town/city, country Customer information is not displayed in the header of the offer. Background image is missing on printout There is only one name field for accepting the offer, here it would be great if you could display the name of the acceptor directly next to the field (optional) and also add further signatories (also optional). When page-password set, its not automatically fill this in side the email message Tipps: A change of design for the creation interface of offers would be great – table of content on the left side, so that you are led more quickly to the relevant sections and don’t scroll through the wolf. Digital signing would really enhance the plugin. I know that certain requirements have to be met here and the whole thing has to be legally prepared, but there are now many sources of information and other tools that you can learn from – Approve me (which I use in parallel for my contracts) Take the “cons” to heart and then this plugin will certainly work for you in the future. Final feedback: I’m not sure what has been done here for 4 years and whether I’m the only person here who probably has slightly more demands, but for productive use for an honest business, the plugin is unfortunately still a long way off. The Pro version has been advertised for some time now. Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information on the website. Your website (main and product page) also lacks too much information for a professional agency. Name and that you are an LCC – OK – but no address details, which is unfortunately considered very bad business practice here in Europe if this is missing. No imprint and data protection notice, which also contains contact information No special information on the GDPR Detailed documentation is missing If you are interested in your production and would also like to generate customers for the Pro version… please do it better. You can also write to me via PM if you have questions about individual points, would like to improve them and would like me to test them again. Cheers, Dennis
Декабрь 12, 2023-ж.
Hello, I really liked the plugin. Congratulations to the developers. Would it be possible for me to apply translation into other languages?
Август 24, 2020-ж.
I have NEVER (EVER) reviewed a plugin for Wordpress before. Never had a reason to, unless I was going to give 1-2 stars, and that’s just not right since most are free. Most of the time, I download something, and then have to fix what was coded poorly, or spend a ton of time modifying it to do what it should do out of the box. There is never any real support (even for paid versions of most plugins – it is days or weeks later, and there is ALWAYS a communication barrier). I expected the same form this plugin, however, I was VERY wrong. This plugin is simply the VERY best plugin I have EVER downloaded. It works perfectly straight out of the box. There is no user experience issues, everything is straight-forward, and just makes sense. Everything about it works FLAWLESSLY – even the features to receive accepted proposals, the notification system, the redirect to the invoice upon approval, etc. EVERYTHING works perfectly. i feel guilty because it is free. I am not sure what more these guys/gals could pack into a paid/pro version, because this is amazingly universal as is. I am serious. These people are PROFESSIONALS and should create a quality control system for the rest of Wordpress Plugins. I am giving you a digital “high-5” and honestly, a digital hug. We are friends now. This plugin ROCKS. (PS, please do not tell my competition about this plugin…for real…) It is MINE- All Mine!!! hahaa! Thank you, sincerely, to the developers of this amazingly simple to use, but highly professional and robust plugin. You are awesome!
Июнь 18, 2020-ж.
Love this plugin – flexible and looks professional for the client. Very easy to use. I heard about it at a WordPess meetup.
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  • Updated: Ready for WordPress 6.3
  • Fix: View count only applies to proposal post type


  • Updated: Ready for WordPress 5.5
  • Fix: Password protection now hides all proposal elements.
  • Fix: Modified jQuery.noConflict to help with optimization.


  • Fix: Fix approval invoice URL redirection


  • Fix: Error with WordPress 5.3.1 not saving repeater information
  • Fix: Single Proposal meta data


  • Modified: CSS for single proposal layout


  • Modified: Removed function that removed the_content if no content was entered. More compatible with Elementor.
  • New: Hide print proposal section option.
  • New: Hide share proposal section option.


  • Fix: Default currency value
  • Fix: Share proposal element default background color
  • New: Hide currency symbol option


  • Fix: Email format conflict


  • Fix: Send proposal email template punctuation
  • Fix: Get plugin version conflict
  • Fix: Delete WPP Default Options that was causing an error message


  • Fix: Footer display issue.


  • Fix: Email spelling error.
  • New: Send Proposals to clients from backend.
  • New: Added custom meta fields for Clients.
  • New: Instructions and tips on how to use WP Proposals.
  • New: Default styling for all themes for compatibility. Option to switch to theme default text styling in settings.
  • New: Control what currency prices are listed on proposals.
  • New: Share proposal with colleagues.


  • Fix: Flush permalink misconfiguration.
  • New: Hide footer by default option.
  • New: UI Improvements.


  • Fix: wp_kses triggering HTTP 500 error.


  • Initial Release!