360 Javascript Viewer



  • Full 360° view
  • WooCommerce support
  • Responsive design
  • Zoom by wheel(mouse) or pinch(mobile)
  • Unlimited presentations on a single page
  • Just upload your images to your media library, no external service needed
  • Variable amount of images, limit is 365 images
  • Customize speed and inertia
  • Reverse dragging
  • Rotate to edges
  • Custom frame format, no renaming of files
  • Optional autorotation on start 1 is one rotation after start and 2 is 2 rotations and so on
  • Reverse autorotation
  • Speed autorotation otherwise it uses the speed of the viewer
  • Custom start frame
  • Stop at edges
  • Use your own notifier
  • Extra classes on images
  • Float and margin for some placement control
  • ShortCodes system, generate the shortcodes online for more control
  • Widget
  • Gutenberg block
  • Elementor block
  • Use ACF or WooCommerce product code for presentation
  • Very lightweight (50kb)


  • Put your 360 images in your own media library.
  • Configure the viewer and create a shortcode at 360-javascriptviewer.com
  • Paste the shortcode anywhere in a post or page
  • Responsive viewer integrated on a page
  • WooCommerce front in product gallery with support for photoswipe in lightbox
  • WooCommerce product admin, add shortcode to show an 360 product view


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • 360 JavaScript Viewer


  1. Upload the plugin files to the your_wordpress_plugins_dir/360deg-javascript-viewer directory, or Install as a regular WordPress plugin
  2. Go your Plugins page in the WordPress Dashboard and activate it

Shortcode parameters

Generate the shortcodes online

example: [360-jsv total-frames=72 speed=90 inertia=30 max-width=200]  // will take the default image
example: [360-jsv main-image-url=your/image.jpg total-frames=16 speed=90 inertia=30 image-url-format=your/image_xx.jpg]
  • main-image-url is the url to the main image, that is the base for all the other frames
  • total-frames is the total number of frames in the presentation
  • speed is the speed of rotating
  • inertia is the delay when the user stops dragging
  • reverse inverts the rotation direction when dragging
  • image-url-format give a format for the next frames
  • auto-rotate use this setting for rotating the view at start. Rotation stops when user drags the model or another animation method is called. 0 is no rotation and 10 is 10 rotations at start
  • auto-rotate-speed use this setting for changing the speed of the auto rotating
  • auto-rotate-reverse use this setting for changing the direction of the auto rotating
  • stop-at-edges blocks repeating images after reaching last image
  • max-width sets the max-width of the presentation in px
  • float use left or right to align the presentation
  • margin-left set the left margin
  • margin-right set the right margin
  • margin-top set the top margin
  • margin-bottom set the bottom margin


Июнь 18, 2022-ж.
Works great with 360 frames rendered in 3D. Thank you!
Март 11, 2021-ж.
The plugin works great There is an option to customize the speed and more Option to zoom And most importantly, quick support for a perfect result. Thank you jeroen
Февраль 6, 2021-ж.
Just make the pictures and the plugin will do the rest. The author is very helpful as well!
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Contributors & Developers

“360 Javascript Viewer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Basic version, still under development


  • Bugfixes in viewer, update to v0.0.45


  • Added optional autorotation on start


  • Added zoom functions


  • Fix scrolling bug, update jsv to v1.2.7


  • Fix parameter bug


  • Added rotate to edges


  • Added widget


  • Added WooCommerce support


  • Added object support in bb code for notification


  • Use your own notifier


  • Support quotes in shortcode for translation plugins


  • Support for extra classes on images


  • Support for 3dweb.io and Gutenberg editor=


  • Support for Advanced Custom Fields and WooCommerce product code for presentations in Elementor block


  • Support for Advanced Custom Fields and WooCommerce product code for presentations in Gutenberg block