Any Mobile Theme Switcher


Detects all the Mobile Browsers and loads the mobile theme as per your settings done in admin.

  • Iphone / Ipod
  • Ipad
  • Palm Os
  • Android
  • Android Tab
  • Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry
  • Opera Mini
  • Others Mobile Browsers

You can select a different mobile theme for each mobile browser. You can select different mobile themes for each of the options above.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher Pro Features

  • Works With W3 Total Cache
  • Serve seprate home page for mobile devices.
  • QR code for mobile bookmarking.
  • Better Mobile Detection.
  • Click To Call to phone numbers.

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Please visit our own support forum for any issues. We don’t respond support ticket created here.

Installation Video (Thanks to Scott Wiseman)

Our Other Plugins


  • Admin Setting For Mobile Theme selection repective to their platform.


  1. Upload the plugin any-mobile-theme-switcher files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the any-mobile-theme-switcher plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Select Themes For Mobile Browsers under under Settings > Any Mobile Theme


Does it detect all browsers ?

Yes it detects most of the mobile browsers and redirects it to its mobile theme set from admin settings.

Can i place Switch to Desktop/Mobile link in my theme ?

Yes, you can place the Switch to Desktop/Mobile theme from Shortcode or can make a menu item with the link as well. Please follow the instructions available in plugin’s settings page.

Do i get a pre build mobile theme with this plugin ?

No, this is just a theme switcher plugin and we don’t include any mobile theme like other plugin does.

Does it works with W3 Total Cache ?

Yes, the pro version works with W3 Total Cache. Click here for details.


Ноябрь 21, 2023-ж.
Hello, thank you, to make a great plugin and quick fix the plugin for the incompabillity with WP 4.0.1
Ноябрь 10, 2023-ж.
But it doesn’t seem to work with WordPress version 6.4.1
Апрель 24, 2023-ж.
This is a plugin I’ve absolutely loved for years, however, it doesn’t appear to have much of a developer presence anymore. I reported a non-critical issue (non-critical as in it didn’t affect the functionality of the plugin, but still flooded my server error logs regardless) and a year later, there is not even a reply. I’d include a link to my bug report, but reviews don’t allow links, so if you want proof, just pop into the support forum for this plugin and Ctrl-F my username. So why five stars? Because it still did everything that it said it did for the entire time I used it. Anything less than 5 stars would fail to capture how wonderfully useful this plugin has been to me the entire time I’ve used it. Ultimately, I’m grateful to have had it on my sites, but I can’t use it anymore because I need to be able to navigate my error logs without it being flooded from this single plugin many times per day.
Февраль 18, 2021-ж.
I tried it on Firefox for mobile, It works fine, on chrome browser doesn’t work unfortunately.
Март 1, 2019-ж.
Simply that. It bugged my main CSS without replacing it with the selected theme. No error messages, no hint as how to solve that.
Июнь 12, 2017-ж.
The latest version of this plugin doesn’t work with 4.8 WordPress and 4.7.5 also (maybe even further back). It will still show the website on the desktop version but any smaller/responsive size returns a white screen.
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Contributors & Developers

“Any Mobile Theme Switcher” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Mobile Theme Error fix for 6.4. Thanks Joe McGill ( )


  • Tested with 5.8.2


  • Tested with 5.4.1


  • Tested with 4.7


  • Tested with 4.5.3


  • Tested with 4.3.1


  • Tested with 4.2.2


  • Tested with 4.1.1


  • Added Remember forced layout till option.


  • Removed depricated functions.


  • Use of Force Layout GET Parameter from wp-config.php


  • Use of Cookie inplace of session.


  • Session Issue Fixed


  • User Agents Update
  • Tested With 3.5.1


  • Added option for Andriod Tab
  • User Agents Update
  • Tested With 3.5


  • New Interface
  • User Agents Update
  • Added Support Link


  • Added More Mobile User Agents


  • Added Child Theme Support
  • Error Fixes


  • Added Support to get mobile theme / desktop theme switch link from shortcode.


  • Fixed Links


  • First Release